Simmons College fence jumper sought

Simmons College suspectWhat kind of aftershave do you think he wears?

Simmons College Police report one of their officers spotted this guy in the process of trying to gain entry to a dorm Friday night by climbing through a window:

When approached by police, subject fled jumping over a fence onto Brookline Avenue.

Sightings welcome at 617-521-1112.



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Fix the scarf, idiot

If he's out to do mischief (by which I mean cause trouble, not have sex with the sea lion), he probably shouldn't wear his scarf pre-noosed. One tug and he's out of any fight.

Rapist, wha?

I can't speak for anon commenters, obviously, but I posted the original story because he reminded me of the Old Spice Guy.

But, um, he is being sought for allegedly trying to break into a dorm at an all women's college. Race has nothing to do with the fact that's kind of creepy.