So, when did Orange Line trains start serving East Boston?

Got this interesting T alert earlier today:

Orange Line experiencing 10-15 min delays due to a signal problem at Orient Heights Station. 6/5/2012 5:52 AM.

note - I presumed the alert was for the Orange Line, as I'm not signed up to get Blue Line alerts

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    Two answers

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    One is the simple, boring one: Somebody goofed. Evidence: They followed that up with another alert that was identical, except they swapped in "Blue Line" for "Orange Line."

    But why go with simple when you can ponder a Rube Goldbergish answer? The Blue Line was so bogged down by the problem at Orient Heights that all the thousands of people desperate to get to Wonderland this morning were queuing up at State, backing all the way up the stairs to the Orange Line platform, which, not designed to handle twice the normal number of commuters, had people back up into the yellow zone by the tracks, which of course meant trains coming into State had to slow to avoid plowing into people. And that, of course, caused a ripple effect all along the Orange Line. In both directions, natch.

    Yeah, that sounds more like it.

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    On the other hand, the Blue

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    On the other hand, the Blue Line problem did cause problems on a lot of bus routes, since they pulled buses to run the shuttle.

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    If only!

    Then we could get some nice, new trains on the Orange Line. Who cares what color they are!

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    I read somewhere...

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    that they were test-running Blue Line trains on the Orange Line tracks. It would be awesome to see one of those tests.

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