So who's robo-calling people that the election's been moved to Wednesday due to the hurricane?

Holliston/Hopkinton Patch reports a member of the Holliston Democratic Town Committee got a call today reminding him to vote for Obama and Warren - on Wednesday, because Sandy forced a delay in the election. Of course, it hasn't.



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This has the Senate race written all over it

Polling shows Brown almost 6 points behind, Nate Silver has Warren with a 94% chance of winning the state and I bet that this is some of that outside money (Karl Rove in particular)pulling the same old shenanigans.

I'm sure a Brown spokesperson will be shocked, shocked I tell you to find there was gambling going on in this establishment!

Any verification?

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I'm vehemently pro-Warren, anti-Brown, but do we have a shred of evidence that this actually happened? People other than a Town Committeeman report receiving the call, or did it end up on anyone's voicemail?

Let's not play the Fox News game of reporting every single story that attempts to paint others in a bad light.

Ok, but even if it didn't happen

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Democrats never do this. Republican's gain when there are low turn outs. Democrats do better with high turnouts. I have never heard of any voter suppression associated with Democrats.
So if we are going to talk about Fox news, lets remember what side of the isle they sit on.

Which "isle" is that?

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Spectacle? Georges? Long? Martha's Vineyard?


Democrats never do this?

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Democrats never do this? Really? Why did the MA Dem party send my mother an absentee ballot to my address, considering she passed away this year.
I was so made I tore it up. I should've reported it to Galvins office.


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Eeka, I can attest and so can

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Eeka, I can attest and so can my family that indeed the MA Dems sent my mother an absentee ballot to my address, which she never lived at. I am just reinstating my original post because I don't know what . means, I think it means you don't understand or something.

I'll call you out - this didn't happen

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The Democratic party doesn't have absentee ballots to mail out. It's not just that they don't have the power to do such a thing (which they don't). It's that, if they did have official ballots sitting around, they wouldn't be mailing them to your mother.

Unless your mother was Rose Kennedy. Then maybe they would.

Nice touch, calling from Long Island, too.

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That's a nice touch, too, considering that's a number based in Nassau County, NY, which along with a couple of counties in NJ, still has the greatest number of people without power.

an issue I actually care about

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I'm going to write to Warren and Brown, and ask if they'll vote to ban *all* robocalls if they're elected. Especially campaign robocalls.