Some storm, huh?

Pouring at State Street.Pouring on State Street.

Paul Levy, who lives near a soccer field in Newton, looked out and saw something disturbing:

Today, as storms approached and lightning and thunder were clearly in close range, the coaches of our boys and girls teams kept practicing with the children.

Some flooding in Watertown.



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OMG! I saw someone running

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OMG! I saw someone running with scissors today in Somerville!!

Holy Moses!

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I saw someone cross the street without looking both ways!


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Got off the Orange Line at State in the middle of the storm, spent some time under the scaffolding around the building next door where the visitor center used to be, figured I'd try to take some pictures while I was there.

Struck by stupidity....

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And of course, if an impending lightning storm approaches and you have a kid on a team and their coach keeps 'em at their all important activity if they were to be hit by lightning, you'd just say, "oh well, shit happens!"

And of course, if you read that some team kept their kids on the field during a lightning storm, and one of 'em got hit, you'd say the same, right?

Remarkably localized

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There was a remarkably well defined cutoff at the periphery of this storm - there was absolutely no rain at my my place in Brookline, and less than a half mile away, it was clear that it had absolutely poured. I could pretty much see the cutoff on the street. Cool.


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On my way out of town for the weekend: light rain in Cambridge...biblical downpour while climbing the Route2 hil in Arlington...then got onto 128 (OK, fine, "Interstate 95") and it instantly stopped. Weird.

The death cloud stopped at Ukraine Way in JP

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Death Cloud 2012Death Cloud 2012

I happened to be going downtown around the time the doomstorm arrived. Parked on Hyde Park Avenue just south of Ukraine to walk to the Orange Line stop. Towards downtown, it was all dark and ominous, with occasional lightning flashes. Then I looked up and saw where the cloud ended.

Can I just say

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Ukraine way might be my favorite street in Boston. What did the Ukranians ever do to the body politic of Boston that they get a street named after their homeland that has not a single structure on it?

Or maybe somebody was being clever ...

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Since "Ukraine" means something like "borderlands" and the street sort of the border between JP and Roslindale.

Or maybe it has something to do with the Ukrainian church up the hill.

Either way, yeah, one of Boston's odder streets.

My swim coach

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used to keep us in the pool during thunderstorms...despite a board of health regulation explicitly banning it. And, you know, common sense. Winning the county rec championships is more important than living to see adulthood, right?

Struck by stupidity, pt. II

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It's the plight of the "drop off the kids with some "responsible" adult" syndrome, isn't it? Lighting storm vs swim or soccer practice? If I'm standing by the pool or pitch, I'm just saying "sorry coach, but you can hang out and get struck by lightning if you like, I'm taking Jr. and we're going home." Nah, I'm not paranoid about lightning, in fact, I might be prone to staying out in a storm, but that's the choice I, as an adult, not under the control of another can make for myself. A kid? Well, if Coach Knucklehead says "stay out there and practice" than that's what I'm doing until another adult with more authority over me comes along and tells me otherwise. If I get hit by lightning, I'm sure some adult will point out that running with scissors can also be dangerous, toss off a quick comedic aside, and say "sorry, Jr. but shit happens." Lesson? For the most part, you local sport related surrogate parent is an idiot.