Somebody counted up the number of pages the Herald devoted to Chick-fil-A yesterday

Four, John Carroll reports, adding that left the Herald no space at all to cover the Mittstakes out of London.



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The local filleting of Chick-fil-A? Yesterday? Really?

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I thought the gist of yesterday's Herald coverage was Menino's acknowledgment that he had made a mistake on his Chick-Fil-A threats/extortion, that he frequently makes mistakes, and those mistakes are called "Meninoisms." So more of a filleting of the hapless Menino than Chick-fil-A yesterday.

Leave it to a former channel 2 Beat the Press staffer turned "academic" to lament the Herald's copious coverage of Menino's admitted mistake and the lack of anything anti-Romney. Of course there was no whining when the coverage was initially in Menino's favor, before the Mayor backtracked and before even his pal Bloomberg slammed him. Got to keep those Cambridge cocktail party bonafides in tact.

herald fail

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On this, the Herald is fair game. The Mitt story made international news-- even Ha'aretz put it in the front section-- and the Boston end of the Chick-fil-a story is regional. The Herald should have done something on the Romney story. This was an international story with a local tie-in. Ignoring it to plump up the C-F-A story word count is inept. No reason not to cover both.

Mumbles' threats were a

Mumbles' threats were a grotesque attack on our First Amendment principles. Apparently the city lawyers got to him and told him he'd be breaking big rocks into little ones in a striped suit if he didn't back down.

The fact that many people praised him just shows how thin the veneer of civilization is today.

Piss off

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If it were a right wing mayor telling a company that was pro-gay rights that they weren't welcome here, I highly doubt you'd be saying this.

Menino's 'not welcome here'

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Menino's 'not welcome here' attitude towards businesses he doesn't like is no different than Bloomberg's ban on soda and smoking.

Petty tyranny on display.

And that is exactly the

And that is exactly the difference between you and me. I have principles - you have prejudices.

The fact That...

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So many people think the freedom of one group of people to say another group of people can't get married is an actual freedom shows just how thin the veneer of the right wing is today.

So many people think the

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So many people think the freedom of one group of people to say another group of people can't say something as innocuous as "Merry Christmas", because it violates the freedom to not be offended, shows just how thin the veneer of the left wing is today.

I'm like rubber...

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What's next? "I know you are but what am I?"

If you want to make rules,

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If you want to make rules, expect that you must abide by them as well.

is there a "hyperbole/cliche"

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is there a "hyperbole/cliche" button on your keyboard or do you actually take the time to type out that stuff?

if Menino were actually blocking the company THAT would be a violation of out 1st amendment principles. As it is he is just using his prominent position to express his own speech, just like Mr. Chik Fil A. They both are free to say whatever inane things they want, and everyone is free to jump all over them for doing so.

And if we don't like what he says we can vote him out. Just like Dan Cathy's daddy can fire him from his job if he wanted to.


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Would you expect him to be okay with a business whose owner publicly denounced interracial marriage? Or if they made derogatory statements about the disabled? I think the outcry would be huge in such cases. The only tyranny here is that of the majority. Someone has to stand up for the little guy, and I'm glad Menino said something.

The mayor supported the

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The mayor supported the Roxbury Mosque which openly preaches against homosexuality. Menino is a pandering hypocrite and doesn't care about anything other than keeping his voting blocks in line.


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That's why I don't go to sites like and for my news as much because the stuff they cover is so typically hyped up and blown out of proportion that it gets ridiculous. Sometimes even ludicrous!


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Not allowing Chick-fil-a because of politics? F this....I'm as liberal as they come but this is just ridiculous.