Somebody is leaving rat poison out where dogs can eat it

WBZ reports the MSPCA is beginning to see cases of dogs falling ill after ingesting rat poison while out and about - two in the North End over the past week. The city says that while it does put out rat poison, it doesn't leave the stuff out in the open where dogs might get at it.



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    Couldn't possibly be city

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    Couldn't possibly be city workers because we all know how seriously they take their jobs.


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    If your dog eat rat posinion on my property thats not my fault. Maybe you should keep your dogs off of peoples property, because if i took a shit on your yard i would be arrested.

    Rat End?

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    NE been having issues with rats, so it's not surprising. Were these dogs on leashes and being watched?

    edit RTFA: Nope! But I do notice the name of the "park" is conspicuously absent. Hasn't there been a little neighborhood fight of dogs using the athletic fields and human parks down there? Maybe one neighbor decided to escalate the situation.

    That is exactly what I was thinking.

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    The poison was put there to deliberately harm dogs to get rid of them.

    Some dogs- and breeds of dogs- are so "nosy" and low-to-the-ground that they'll find stuff not visible to the human eye and eat it before you even realize what they're doing. Heck, I found rat poison in my apartment building and thought, "Aw, someone dropped taffy!" It was in a plastic wrapper and was the same color and size of a salt water taffy. Until I bent down and looked at it close enough to read the tiny white print on the clear package, I couldn't tell it was rat bait at all.

    Rats walking around on your

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    Rats walking around on your property? Not the city's problem. You have to put poison out yourself. They offer no guidance what-so-ever. You're an asshole? You just throw it in the yard--and maybe anywhere else near your yard. You aren't an asshole? You go to Lowes or whatever and buy one of those little innie-outie plastic things where the rat goes in and eats the poison and then exits and dies somewhere. You got Boston size rats? Those little traps are too small for your rats, they get caught in them, and you have to figure out what to do with a big rat half caught in your little trap. Thanks City of Boston!