Somebody poisoning dogs in South Boston?

The owner of Fenway Bark reports:

Southie dog owners please watch what your pups eat. Someone threw hamburger and peanut butter tainted with rat poison over fences in two yards on N St. Both doggies died. It was also spread in Farragut Park.

Landscaper charged as Charlestown dog poisoner.




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      2 dogs poisoned on North Street? No North Street in Southie. Maybe she meant North Broadway?

      Geography fail.

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      It says N Street. You know, like N as in
      Street. Not N as in

      do you actually know Southie?

      Who said anything about North Street? If you are at all familiar with South Boston you surely know that most of the north-south streets are lettered.

      (And, for that matter, that Broadway has an East and a West but not a North.)


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      Maybe you're fake.

      Southie Haters

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      all you wannabe tough guys can go beat up your imaginary dog abusers.