Soon the sterilization of Harvard Square could be complete: Patio tables and mood lighting proposed for the Pit

The Crimson reports on some ambitious plans for the land behind the Out of Town News stand and the T stop: A complete overhaul of the Pit that would feature patio tables and chairs, stadium seating around it, LED floor lights and a giant flat-screen TV. Bonus: The plan would turn the Out of Town News kiosk into "a glass-walled information center with interactive features."



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      Junkie paradise

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      I hope the new, elegant ambiance includes the signature stench of urine I've grown so familiar with in the Square!

      not incompatible

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      The walls outside would be interactive. The inside could retain the vending of dead trees.

      A lot of the vending there is outside

      I don't think it would survive without the outdoor display and sale of magazines and newspapers. Its competitor Crimson Corner across the street also has lots of outdoor display and sales.

      There is no outdoor vending

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      There is no outdoor vending on that side of the kiosk.

      In addition, as described in the article "The current proposal recommends that the Out of Town News kiosk be converted to a glass-walled information center with interactive features ..." so they are assuming that the business is shut down.

      Maybe they could just do what

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      Maybe they could just do what they did to Gov't Center and just fill the pit with concrete.

      That'll save time

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      You can sit there and let the beggars come to you instead of having to find them all yourself.

      Revised post, now with less confusion

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      Thanks for pointing that out. I meant the area directly behind Out of Town News and the T stop, so, yeah, the Pit (well, and Out of Town News).

      now that we're rewriting history,

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      does this mean Joe Spaulding's son is getting out of prison for that attack on the woman he met there?

      He didn't meet them there. He

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      He didn't meet them there. He attacked 3 girls in Park Street station. He only got probation.

      So what will happen

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      to the homeless man who sits on the roof of the T stop throwing garbage at passerby? Will he be incorporated in the new design? Perhaps throwing colorful silk scarves or confetti?

      This proposal has about as

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      This proposal has about as much chance of happening as that crazy proposal a few years ago to reroute the Charles through the middle of Harvard's Allston campus.

      I think by "sterilization"

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      I think by "sterilization" everyone means "generic architecture and land purposing that lacks character."

      I doubt anyone would complain about an extra cop or two telling the unsavory types to move along. I think people are complaining about a modern glass pedestrian mall in a predominantly brick-and-cobblestone area. a former "unsavory type"

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      ... who used to hang out in the Pit, i am going to just go ahead and say that i would be very sad to see it go. that's where i hung out in the mid-eighties when i ran away from home. i was one of the homeless drug addicts. where else can a teenage girl meet up with an unwashed vagrant exotic dancer named "shadow" and learn the ways of the street?


      i will love it 'till i die.

      or, i suppose, i will love it until it becomes absorbed into the generic, gutless, monolith that harvard square has become.

      Yup, I remember the days long

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      Yup, I remember the days long ago when Harvard Square was the only place to go when you ran away from home... wouldn't even think of running to anywhere else.