South Boston, Dorchester, Hyde Park newspapers shut down

The Dorchester Reporter reports the demise of the South Boston Tribune, the Hyde Park Tribune and the Argus-Citizen. The Jamaica Plain Gazette notes the end of the Jamaica Plain Citizen, part of the same group.



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    Does Southie have any other newspapers?

    The Tribune was reactionary, racist, and right-wing in the 1970s during the school busing controversy ... but even so, having it go away probably isn't the best thing for a neighborhood. Are there other papers that cover South Boston news?

    Physical papers: South Boston

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    Physical papers: South Boston Online and Neighborhood Photo News.


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    was such a huge hit. It changed the school system for the better. All you racists who opposed it read the Tribune.

    Damn those people who

    Damn those people who disagree with me! They were so wrong about the effect of busing on Boston's schools, weren't they?

    Was reactionary and racist?

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    Was reactionary and racist? Get your hands on the final edition. Dead Enders to the last. Good riddance.

    Sorry To Hear About The Trib

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    I wasn't reading it in the 70's, so no comment on Ron's comment above, but I was published in it a few times over the past couple of years (articles concerning the M Street Softball League) so I'm sorry to see it go.


    Does anyone know ...

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    It makes sense, old man Horgan died a year or two ago. Does anyone know if Tribune shut down its Medford and Malden dailies, or are those already shuttered?

    Like evrything else

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    the Yuppies do not support. Newspapers, churches,schools, kids sports teams....they are all falling by the wayside. The bars are doing well though.

    Hold on..

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    Only people from southie support schools !? Kids sports ? Churches? Donate time and money? stop
    In cross walks? Pick up poop? Spend time with the elderly ? Say no to drugs? Don't go to bars?

    Are you nuts?? Seriously did you really blame the paper shutting down on yuppies!? And claim that
    yuppies don't do anything but support bars?

    You my friend are an ass

    He's right

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    Kind of. Yuppies didn't want to support the very conservative, often race-baiting views espoused in the Tribune. The marketplace of ideas and business did it in.


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    Explain more how it is the yuppies fault!? I think I must be
    stupid or missing something... So please enlighten me here??

    A racists paper goes out of buisness ? Yuppies fault
    A paper that does not print letters to the editor ( seeing that I have written 6 alone this year) shuts down? Yuppies fault ?
    A paper that does not cover the real issues in southie ( drugs, beatings, growth, etc...) is shut down !? So yuppies fault

    I'm elated that the South

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    I'm elated that the South Boston Tribune is shutting down for good! Yay! I grew up in Southie. That publication was always biased and often filled with racist, homophobic, hate. Good riddance. The new generation doesn’t want that old school intolerance.