South Boston studio hopes to offer wine and beer with art lessons

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to let Urban Art Bar, 163 Old Colony Ave., buy a Dorchester bar's liquor license so it can offer customers a glass of wine or a beer to sip as they work on canvases.

At a hearing today, Urban Art Bar attorney Andrew Upton painted a picture of art and alcohol mixing to enhance the social atmosphere" among patrons who find brushstrokes a good way to relax. Beer and wine would be available to people taking classes at a bar; the studio also wants to offer liqueurs for people who hire the facility for birthday and other parties.

Gary Murad of the St. Vincent Lower End Neighborhood Association noted that Newton already has a studio that offers these more potent potables. And if Newton can allow such an establishment, surely the city of Boston can as well, he said.

If approved, the studio would purchase the liquor license of the Avenue Grille on Dorchester Avenue.



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    More alcohol

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    Isn't there anything the "beautiful" people can do without consuming alcohol?

    Give people a choice

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    What is wrong with giving people the choice to enjoy a glass of wine with their social activity? This certainly doesn't sound like a keg fueled bender...

    Do you know how ridiculous you sound?

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    There's a reason why they do not allow sales of alcohol at school sporting events, funeral parlors and the 4:00 o'clock Mass.

    This just in...

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    That's too bad

    It's a great place to meet newly-single people.

    No, don't get up, I can see myself to the door.


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    But drinking a sixpack of lite during every football game is sacred.


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    The "Beautiful People"? Why do you need to be so condescending? I guess you don't have no appreciation for art or making art more accessible for everyday people. The idea of an adult art classes in our neighborhood is a good thing. Art + Education = win for south boston

    Life Studies painting class + booze!

    "the studio also wants to offer liqueurs for people who hire the facility for birthday and other parties."

    Bachelor and bachelorette parties, perhaps?
    Does booze improve the paintings or just become abstract?


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    Vincent Van Gogh was a heavy drinker... as was Ludwig Van Beethovin, George Orwell, & Ernest Hemmenway. Perhaps the drink was their inspiration, way to blow off steam, or just get loose. Art & Wine have a long history together... I see no reason not to allow them to co-exist in a learning environment. If you were creating art in your home and wanted a drink nobody would stop you. A little social lubrication in a adult art class is harmless so long as patrons don't get too intoxicated to get behind the wheel afterward.