South Boston's newest drive-thru cleaners

Mini-van vs. brick wall

Jimmy Scornerston captured the scene at Executive Cleaners on L Street this morning. The Globe reports the driver was taken to the hospital.



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      This is why we need to

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      This is why we need to demolish more of the city for freeways and cease narrowing streets. Buildings get in the way of vehicles and increase pollution by forcing drivers to evade them in less direct routes!

      Time to pave the planet and put up a parking lot. Much safer and environmentally friendly that way!


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      If it weren't for that building, the driver would have been able to take that corner fast enough to feeeeeel the g-forces.

      The world should be designed just like the airfields where I pretend to be speedracer - flat, paved, with yellow cones.

      Muralize it

      Are they going to paint a mural of the crash like the Avenue Tavern in Mattapan Square did after the T bus broke through the wall?

      (I just GISd for a link to it without success. I should have taken a picture of it while I had the chance.)


      Thanks for the link, fenwayguy.

      I am surprised that the late mural was the product of a professional muralist, though, because it was not a very good painting. The perspective was all wrong. I thought it was some talented drunk from the Tavern.


      I was wondering what happened, saw them fixing the wall this afternoon. I can't imagine how that happened, it's such a narrow street.