State wants to build more parks in area where it already ignores the park it has

Pigsty ParkThey could rename it Pigsty Park.

The Globe today reports the state Department of Transportation has some ambitious plans for the land and air around the turnpike/93 interchange in Chinatown, which it hopes will eventually become a new gateway to the city, featuring new development and parks.

Parks, huh? The photo above is the latest on file with the city's Citizen Connect service from Mary Soo Hoo Park, the little plaza at the pedestrian gateway to Chinatown that is owned by the state Department of Transportation - or at least, that's what the city and the Greenway Conservancy keep telling residents in explaining why their crews can't pick up the trash that keeps getting left there. A couple of weeks ago, the city actually did dispatch a DPW crew to remove trash, but this latest complaint is marked "closed:"

Case Referred to External Agency. Mass dot jurisdiction. details forwarded.



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Any reason there isn't a

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Any reason there isn't a solar big belly there? Looks like it would fit that trash.

I agree with Ron Newman

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the snark on this photo is wholly out of place on the front page.

You got snark on my front page. I got straight news in your comments.

Big Belly Cans

One reason the household trash is dumped here is that there isn't a big belly. Those are designed to limit the amount you can dump to a small bag - like, takeout garbarge for a small group.

Part of the issue with park

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Part of the issue with park trash receptacles is that people illegally dump large household trash bags into these things. Fills them up pretty quickly. Just b/c DPW can't keep up with the illegal dumpers, doesn't mean people of Chinatown should be penalized by not getting more park space.

We have the same problem

We have the same problem in the Southwest Corridor park. People dump bags of household trash into the trash receptacles, which causes them to fill up long before the scheduled trash pickup day. The companies which are contracted to do the trash pickup say this creates a higher trash volume than they bid on, which then costs them more money than they anticipated, so they won't do more pickups. So there is no solution. The DCR, in our case, says it's the problem of the trash pickup company. That company says it's not their problem. And the trash just piles up.

I thought it was just the incompetence of the DCR, which is always willing to avoid responsibility for everything. It's interesting to see other state agencies doing the same thing. I guess they are all untouchable. Too bad (for us).

Chinatown needs to step up

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think the local community in chinatown needs its own anti litter campaign. when i lived there people constantly littering & restaurants/businesses didn't seem to follow any rules about garbage storage/disposal (like in other neighborhoods). finding restaurant food debris strewn on sidewalks was constant occurance (a pile of duck heads lying on the sidewalk, live chicken place cleaning out their store by hosing the bloody water onto the sidewalk in front). Doesn't seem like trash rules are adhered to or enforced in chinatown. That said, a great neighborhood to live in.