Steve LeVeille leaving WBZ, this time on his terms

WBZ announced today that the longtime overnight talk host is retiring at the end of the week. In a statement, WBZ NewsRadio Director of News and Programming Peter Casey said:

Steve called yesterday and informed me of his decision. Although it came as a surprise, I do know Steve enjoys his time in Maine and had always thought that he would retire there sometime. I just didn't think it would be this soon. Steve has been a tremendously creative broadcaster and friend to the overnight audience here at WBZ, and he will be missed.

LeVeille, 57, grew up listening to Larry Glick and said he knew early on he wanted to host the overnight show on a Boston station. In a statement today, he said:

This is a quality of life decision for my wife, Diane, and me. We have been making moves during the past number of years to be able to do this without any particular date in mind. We have just reached a point where we said the time is right now. After spending most of our weekends and vacation time in Maine for the last fifteen years we are looking forward to making it our year round home.

In 2009, WBZ forced LeVeille off the air, but brought him back after protests from outraged fans.



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Not gonna lie, I'm pretty peeved at Steve

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for this, but I should've expected it. He hasn't been on for the past 2 weeks, on "vacation" and I should've known he had something up his sleeve. Damn it, I will miss his show a lot. I like Morgan White Jr. and don't mind Bradley Jay, but neither one could ever replace Steve.

I wonder if CBS is

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I wonder if CBS is costcutting and they just bought out his contract.

CBS got wise to LeVeille.....

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I honestly think that CBS decided not to renew LeVeille's contract, and let him bow out gracefully.
LeVeille was cocky before CBS cut him loose in '09, but when he came back, he was beyond cocky....he had climb the ladder to the obnoxious rung. I'm sure CBS was getting just a wee bit sick of LeVeille taking time off [although it's the ONLY time I'd listen in with Bradley J or Morgan covering for LeVeille, I've never heard of ANYONE taking time off like he did!], and his treatment of some listeners bordered on ignorant.
Personally, i was thrilled to hear he was "retiring" [yah, right] and I only hope that Bradley or Morgan get the timeslot.


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I agree, I mean how many times do I have to hear about all the different kinds of hot sauce that are available!!! Dean Johnson does a nice job filling in, Bradley Jay is my favorite, Morgan's ok but I'm just not into that trivia stuff. All of us that have been out there in the work world any length of time know about the you can resign/retire or else we are prepared to fire you talk!


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I think that Morgan would do a good job. Bradley Jay is too political. I don't want to hear it at night.

Although I certainly

Although I certainly understand Steve's desire to retire, I'll miss his broadcast. He's one of the few people left on commercial radio who is listenable and perhaps the only one who is interesting.

Although BZ has had a run over the years of hiring some interesting hosts. Clearly the CBS/Viacom era shows an end to any innovation or thought on Boston talk radio.

Steve LeVeille

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I am among all the callers I heard on the show last night say they are selfishly so sad to hear Steve is leaving the show. ( and wonder how he was able to give notice on a Monday and be gone by Friday.) Clearly I am jealous ? envious ? of the good foresight of Steve and his wife to have planned well for the future ! Congratulations on a job well done.. !!!!! ( radio and financial planning). Enjoy every moment and if I hear of a job for Diane I'll pass it on !

WBZ's signal strength is

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WBZ's signal strength is really wasted. A year ago we were driving back from New York on a Saturday night around 10, turned it on to catch the local news; there was an hour-long infomercial for some suspect medical product.It used to be a great station....about 40 years ago. Steve's leaving is another example of the demise of the station.


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Dean Johnson is doing an

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Dean Johnson is doing an excellent job, I wouldn't mind listening to him five nights a week, articulate, knowledgeable without being opinionated. Bradley Jay is also very entertaining...maybe they could divide up the time? Five nights in a row on the night shift is a rough grind for anyone. Sorry, I like Morgan but I can only take so much trivia.

WBZ Night time Talk Radio

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Now Morgan is taking time off, what's up with that? I actually like things the way they are: Dean Johnson for 2 nights, Bradley Jay for 2 nights, Jordan Rich for 2 nights, Morgan White for the rest. Any thoughts?

wbz 12am-5am

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Morgan White Jr is back, and some of his fans are hoping he'll be the new full-time host. Oh no! I can't take trivia 5 nights a week! I'll have to go back to 96.9 fm! Two nights fine, but not Five!!!
3x2p7 I hope they keep it like it is now, Dean Johnson is good, Jordan Rich is cool and Bradley Jay is my favorite! Mix it up.
Five nights a week on the night shift is too much of a grind for any one person.

Dean Johnson is a Very

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Dean Johnson is a Very Strange Bird, Indeed...

Jen's very good!

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I was surprised last evening. Jen is a nice breath of fresh air. I sure hope she makes it!

Yes, she was nice enough, but

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Yes, she was nice enough, but rather hyper (for nights) and anxious, needs to calm down a little...I'm sure she'll find her groove if they have her back.

Who didn't show up last

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Who didn't show up last night? They had to call Morgan White Jr in...

Jen Brien has been back a few

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Jen Brien has been back a few times (12am-5am) WBZ, I think I like her, very nice show last night!
Of course Bradley Jay will always be my favorite, he's always there on major holidays.

When someone is making a

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When someone is making a statement & asks: "Do you know what I'm saying?", normally that is how uneducated people talk, that is also what Jen repeats too much on air.

I get your point, but maybe

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I get your point, but maybe more listeners can relate to her?
I know I occasionally listen to another talk show and the host is always discussing China's politics...I have no clue what he's talking about and therefore feel dumb!

Jen has been on more lately,

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Jen has been on more lately, 3 nights in a row counting tonight.
Where's Bradley? Where's Dean?