Strollercat is so yesterday; say hello to Trainturtle


MBCR, which runs the T's commuter trains, tweets somebody left a turtle on one of its trains now and that it's now looking for an aquarium or school to take him in. And no, wise guy, they're not going to adopt him as a mascot.

H/t Kat Hasenauer for coming up with his/her name.



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Don't worry little shelled one, help is on the way!

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That looks like a healthy, well-cared for Red Eared Slider. This is a pet that was likely on a trip to a vet or something similar as they need water temps over 70F for good health.

Just emailed to see if anyone can help.

Adventures of StrollerCat and TrainTurtle

Adventures of StrollerCat and TrainTurtle - An animated adventure exploring through the streets and tunnels of Boston. A quest for one to escape and the other to return home - all while finding love along the way.


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children's book ever?!

Boston's answer to The

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Boston's answer to The Cricket in Times Square?

Emergency contact

Thats to good for them

Way to good for them. I say stick them outside of JFK station right in view of the highway.

Oh forgot to add earlier you can also tweet @ARLBostonRescue in an emergency.

Turtle was intentionally abandoned

Based on a Twitter interaction between MBCR and a rider, the turtle was intentionally left by a mother and daughter who were heading to the airport. They couldn't bring the turtle so they were trying to give it away to anyone who would take it. I don't know if they gave up and left it on the train, or if they gave it to someone who then left it on the train.

That is awful!! Way to teach

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That is awful!! Way to teach your child to be a horrible person.

That is awfull!! Way to teach

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That is awfull!! Way to teach your child how to be an impoverished person with few choices in life who tries to do the best that they can in a bad situation.