Suddenly, owls are everywhere

Somerville owl

Or maybe we're just noticing these stealthier predators after years of paying attention to their flashier, daytimier cousins, the hawks. The above is not some impressionist painting of what an owl might look like, but an impressionist-like photo of an owl in a tree near Sullivan Square in Somerville on Saturday night, taken by Bill Ritchotte. "Hedwig?" he asks.

Then there's this owl in the Fens.

An owl in the Park Street T stop and one in East Boston.



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The Rat Patrol

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Soon to be TV series: The exploits of four nocturnal owls who are part of a long-range patrol group in the Fens during 2012. Their mission: "to attack, harass and wreak havoc on King Rat's vaunted Rat Korps".


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Yeah--we saw an owl flying low across Perkins broad daylight the same day the photo was taken at Park Street. What's going on? It's eery!!


Why should their inflatable "cousins" at the Alewife T station have all the fun?

Storm of daytime owls

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Obviously, little Harry Potter has defeated You-Know-Who.


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Nice photograph of the owl,

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Nice photograph of the owl, especially fortunate to have the fall colors in the background. Seen plenty of hawks in the Fens, but never an owl.

2 roadkill hawks or owls on 128

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Unfortunately, I saw two separate feathered fatalities in the breakdown lane along 128 yesterday. I couldn't tell if they were red-tail hawks or some similar-bodied owls.

Or is it...

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Owls coming out in support of Professor Warren perhaps? She looks a bit owlish, don't you think? I'm just glad she won, or things might have gotten REALLY scary.

like other wild animals in new england...

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...over the last decade or so, more owls (particularly barred owls) seem to be moving into urban/dense suburban areas. It may be that the combination of territory loss/changing food supplies makes the warmer vermin-rich environments more appealing.

Personally, I like the idea of having more of these rat-eating creatures around.

Night Owl City!

My sarcastic prophecy, based on some lazy MBTA employee's use of the Night Owl on a non-Night Owl flyer, is coming true! Soon Boston will be Night Owl City!