Suggestion for life-loving mountain bikers: Stay out of Weston

Boston Biker reports bow-and-arrow hunting becomes legal for the next 2 1/2 months on Weston conservation land - through which run some trails often ridden by mountain bikers.

Seriously watch out!

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Little bike symbols...

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...painted on the driver's side door...and a few tattooed tears. Watch out! you spandexed freaks!!


It goes along with my cycling addiction and my high-viz fetish.

That, and I like to bring my bike along when I visit kin up north in the fall ... everything that moves and doesn't want to get shot wears blaze orange this time of year. Even the dogs.

Ride on Sunday

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And don't wear white.

I've been mountain biking during hunting seasons many years without incident, but given the number of deer out on the trails this year, I'll probably stick to Sundays.

Very little danger with bow hunters

From the perspective of a non-hunter using the woods, the difference between bow hunting and hunting with a gun is huge. When bow hunting, the deer has to be so close that there is no doubt what a hunter is shooting at. OTOH, every time I hear about somebody getting shot by a hunter with a gun, I cringe because you know some guy was shooting blindly. There's a lot of bottom-of-the-gene-poolers out there with a gun.
For an avid mt biker, riding only on Sunday is not a solution.

Just the state police. The

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Just the state police. The locals are still guarding an orange barrel and talking on their cellphone.