Super UPS Guy in the North End



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      BH guy hussles too

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      Used to be getting UPS packages was a PIA for anyone working 8-5. Just a lot of left notices. But a few years back they got the delivery guys showing up after 6. A lot easier to deal with when you don't want that packages sitting on the steps tempting the wandering drug addicts.

      Up and down they hill they (and there is more then one regular driver) with a load on a dolly. Part of the Amazon generation I guess.

      ups- tough job

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      these guys work hard. this time of year is brutal on them. they work a lot of hours and management treats them like shite. they work 60-80 hrs a week until their bodies start breaking down and then its time to make a decision, move up to management or find another line of work. if you move to management all the guys you used to work with will hate you and you will be working with all the guys you hated for all those years driving the truck.

      as for signatures? you have to pay $3 bucks if you want them to get you one. otherwise they dont even ring the bell. too much stuff and never enough time.

      so get your ups guy a D&D gift card if you see him more than once week. my company relies heavily on these guys getting us the things we need to be productive and they deserve a pat on the back once in awhile.


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      They bust balls all day. And, from my experience, they are usually very friendly and willing to accommodate if you have some small request or other. Treat 'em right.