Sure, we've all thought it - this guy did it, allegedly

Newton Patch reports police are looking for a guy who allegedly slapped a cell phone out of man's hands on the Riverside line this morning - and slapped his face for good measure. The phone slapper then bounded out of the train.



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slow clap

I'm curious to see the deets as they come in.
But for now, good on ya guy.

Having been yelled at and insulted by a cell phone user on the Green line after asking her to please tone it down and stop yelling into her cell, I very much feel that phone etiquette frustration.

We can get cell service on the Green, but not GPS tracking?
mbta fail.

yes - MBTA fail

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But for not properly serving their customers by providing adequate and reliable Green Line service. You know, like actually operating a real transportation service.

The day that they actually begin to run trains to their destinations and back without any of this "let's short turn to make the numbers look good - excuse me - to "meet schedule"" nonsense;

The day they actually begin to run trains without the daily "headway adjustments" midway;

The day they actually run trains that don't have to be "re-started" every third stop;

The day they actually run enough trains (especially past Government Center) so you don't have to wait 10 to 12 minutes during rush hour (it's even longer at off-peak times) only to find you can't board a train that will actually get you where you want to go because it's so overcrowded;

And, lastly, the day that management wakes up and recognizes that, because most station platforms were built long enough for two two-car trains, it might be a good idea to actually use that capacity in service;

That's the day you'll have my support for such "necessary" management "customer service" initiatives such as real time tracking, wiring all the tunnels for cellphone reception, and "buy your ticket with your iPhony" apps.


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give that face slapper a medal.

Well, it looks like Slapsgiving came early to Newton this year!

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That's one!

[In case you're not familiar with the Slapsgiving ref (sorry about the commercial, but it's worth waiting for)]

I wonder if the slappee was the same dbag who, after being asked by my very pregnant (with twins!) friend for his seat took a look at her and flat out refused (she had to get off at the next stop so she could sit on a bench and get some air).

Even if not, the slapper might end up a folk hero. Is someone already making pins for distribution on the D branch that say

"I slap if you don't STFU"?

Anyone intersted?

People don't read...

...but they do tend to respond to shiny things.
So how about shiny stickers that you leave on the offender saying 'Everyone else on your train thanks you for learning cell phone etiquette, soon. This sticker means you don't know it yet.'

Too many words

"Ask me about my colonoscopy!" or "Ask me about my pap smear" would be more fun.

With all due respect Adam,

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you've fallen into that "trained by lawyers, not writers" journalist's trap of automatically resorting to the A word (alleged) to describe an apparent action by a person even before that person has been found or charged.

IMO, "Sure, we've all thought about it - this guy apparently did it." would have been a much better sounding headline.

Although I'll give you credit for using the A word only twice (one in the headline and once in the actual story). Unlike Globe editors and reporters, who must get extra pay every time they state "alleged" or "allegedly" in an article (I think the record for a single article I've read was 18 times - it was a long article, but even so).

For the record, I took a few journalisim courses in college (early 1980s). I never wanted to go into the profession, but I've always enjoyed writing, so I thought it would be interesting. If I submitted that headline to any of my professors, with the facts we presently know about the apparent incident, the best grade I would have gotten would have been a D+.

Geez, Roadman,

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lighten up, man. Required disclaimer deployed effectively and humorously by Adam. And all journalists better have some training by lawyers if they want to avoid getting dragged into court by an alleged perp who is later found not guilty.

Cool. Now extra points for

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Cool. Now extra points for the person who bitch slaps a pair of headphones of someone's head ;)