T to discipline Silver Line driver for cursing out motorist who ran red light at tunnel entrance

The Metro reports on the incident, which happened at the scene of two collisions in the past three months caused by motorists running the lights.



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I'm split on this one. I figured something stupid like this had just occurred given how upset the driver was...however, he wasn't exactly the model of professionalism given that he had a bus with passengers.

Hopefully his reprimand is just a verbal or written warning that won't really effect his performance review or anything. I mean, it's not like that intersection isn't already stressful enough for Silver Line drivers given the insanity that's happened there multiple times before (that we've seen/know about).

Tough call. I've been hit

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Tough call. I've been hit twice by drunk drivers. Both times I was safe, but scared out of my pants and yeah, I droppe a profane-laden rant on both of them.

And I wasn't even responsible for the lives of others, the way this bus driver was. Adrenaline needs a spout, and sometimes a good fecken slew of swears do the trick.

Can we call a truce on

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Can we call a truce on hurting the lives of working stiffs with families like MBTA workers driving in this city all day dealing with dickheads who can't or won't drive safely (texting). Posting videos like this one is a rat bastard way of getting your jollies. What do you say to your friends, "look what I did, I got someone suspended from their job."

I Agree

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I can't understand people that take pride in putting peoples livelihoods in jeopardy like this. Very weasel-like behavior. Most people spend a couple of hours a day dealing with the rude,idiotic behavior of their fellow commuters on the roads or subway,T drivers deal with it 8 hours a day,every day. Anyone would lose it once in a while.

How was he inconvenienced?

I might have a teensy weeny bit of sympathy for the bus driver if it weren't for the fact that I see busses running lights/causing gridlock on a regular basis (on my whopping 2-mile commute to work). I'm gonna guess that Mr. Road-rage bus driver has done the same thing himself on numerous occasions. He can learn to hold his tongue or suffer the consequences.