T seeks answers for lengthy commuter-rail delays

Davis looks at a coach in Korea. Photo via MBTA.Davis looks at unfinished coach in Korea. Photo via MBTA.

Acting MBTA General Manager is in Korea this week, trying to find out why the new commuter-rail coaches riders were supposed to enjoying now are nowhere near finished.




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Has anyone ever seen a T contract? Do they have termination for default clauses in them? If this were a federal procurement contract, it would include, by law, a T for D clause that would not only allow the government to have terminated the contract by now, but also to have re-procured the cars at the expense of the original contractor.

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we are in a tough

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we are in a tough spot...either stay with the late contract...or cancel and wait for room with Kawasaki....should have never gone with this company...politics wins again

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