Honor-roll student charged with gunning down man in Forest Hills pot deal

A Dorchester teen just weeks from graduation was ordered held without bail today on charges he murdered a Forest Hills man who had arranged to sell him a pound of pot.

Charles Reddicks, 18, was already out on $5,000 bail for a Dec. 11 drive-by shooting, in which he allegedly fired a bullet into the arm of another teen at Columbus Avenue and Douglas Park from the passenger seat of a moving car to settle an earlier beef, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Daniel Mulhern, chief of the DA's gang unit, said at Reddicks arraignment in West Roxbury District Court on murder and gun charges that Reddicks spent a good part of April 27 on his cell phone arranging a deal with Mariano Malave to buy a pound of marijuana.

Mulhern said the two agreed to meet at 132 Hyde Park Ave., where, in a hallway, Reddicks pumped several bullets into Malave. Malave was declared dead at the scene; Mulhern said video captured Reddicks driving away.

Reddicks had been a senior at Boston Latin School, but was expelled following the December incident, his lawyer, Rosemary Scapicchio, said. However, she said he enrolled in an alternative high school, Community Academy in Jamaica Plain, and got on the honor roll. She said he is hoping to take his finals in jail so he can get a high-school diploma rather than being forced to try for a GED later.

At his arraignment today, Reddicks stood behind a door, which meant about a dozen of Malave's family members and friends could not get a look at him. They sat in the second row of seats; Reddicks's mother sat alone in the first row.

Boston Police arrested Reddicks this morning near the Forest Hills rotary, not far from the murder scene.

Reddicks is next due in court on June 20.

Facebook memorial page for Malave.

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wtf does him being an honor

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wtf does him being an honor roll student have to do with anything. The BPS curriculum is a joke, so lets not go patting backs for trivial academic accomplishments. Good job mom for raising yet another useless parasite. Now this waste of space is going to jail where he can further his trade

Reddicks was an honor roll

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Reddicks was an honor roll student at Boston Latin School, 2nd best high school in the state and ranked 63th in the country, maybe you should do some research next time before you go judging kids.


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His lawyer said "Boston Latin Academy," but the only online reference to him I found said "Boston Latin School."

honor roll

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Also, the article implies that he was on the honor roll at the alternative school he went to after his arrest, not BLA.


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His lawyer said he made the honor roll at the new school. She didn't say anything about Boston Latin (School, that is, not Academy).

BLS, not BLA

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I've changed the reference in the original post.

yes because

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as long as he's intelligent, the poor character doesn't matter. And they wonder how Bernie Madoff got away with it for so long...

Too many procedurals for us, too

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Because if someone's calling from beyond the grave

(takes off sunglasses)

we must be watching Cold Case


School quality has nothing to do with it

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Even good suburban high schools have problems with drug deals gone bad, because we keep insisting that pot should be illegal. This means that otherwise good kids from good towns and good families end up in drug wars.

I guarantee you that there's a bunch of kids in Newton, Bellmont, Concord, and Wellesley who've ended up in bad situations from drug dealing, but their parents can afford the good lawyers to make it all go away.

He murdered a guy.... that

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He murdered a guy.... that certainly is a "bad situation"; especially for the guy now dead.

As an Educator in Charles Reddicks' Life,

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I'm asking that you try your best to write with the understanding that this young man is a human being, that his mother is, too, that she, like many single parents, tried very hard and succeeded in raising an amazing young man. Our system is racist, and Charles is a black man growing up in this perverse and oppressive and racist system -- he was on pace for a full ride to Northeastern before getting caught up in a nonviolent offense. Our system is set up in such a way as to encourage nonviolent offenders to turn around and be violent offenders, as we throw everybody in together, a sort of criminal training camp of sorts and we make dollars on it --- it's called the prison-industrial complex. At any rate, I must go to sleep to wake up for another day in this world in which we'll continue to see Trayvons and Charles' until we wake up and remember that we can change this system because we've created it -- or if we didn't take part in creating it, we're here now, and we're supposed to dissolve oppressive regimes. Charles was doing his job, which was to distribute some medicine in his neighborhood -- he was just playing his part in the game whose fate has already been decided. Please, remember when commenting that Charles is a human being, a young man who has affected many lives and who has family members who care. RIP to all the fallen men and women who have gone before their time. Our prayers are with the families.


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The system is set up that way? How about just not commit any crimes and then it won't be an issue....

"Charles was doing his job, which was to distribute some medicine in his neighborhood" .... This is a joke. Yes, lets not blame Charles for shooting and killing a man, he was simply doing his job.

How dare you compare Charles

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How dare you compare Charles to Trayvon! You must be out your rabbit ass mind! How do you try and dress up Charles as a victim . He knew exactly what he was planning to do the second he picked up the phone and called the real victim up to set up the deal. He made the call, brought a gun with him ,murdered the guy and then robbed him. So excuse me "Educator in Charles Reddicks' Life" if I don't except your sugar coated excuses. Nonviolent he was out on bail for another shooting 4 months prior!

did you know charles? cuz i

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did you know charles? cuz i did. he's missed by friends and family just as much as the victim. & yes charles is a victim of the hustle in the streets. he did more than just sell drugs. sooo much more. the victim in this case sold drugs as well, does that make him better than the next? i'm someone who has a very close relationship with charles & believe me this does not define who he is...

who is this?

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First off, I tutored Charles in YDIP and in no way do I defend his stupid ass actions to shoot someone and ruin his life like this. Charles is not a victin, he was afforded with more opportunity then ANY other child in his neighborhood and the same can be said for every child we attempted to help. We can only show them the path not hold their hand down it too. Charles made that choice and must suffer the consequences. Dr. Warren cries in his graves to see what has become of this child. I have no pity for Charles. And yes, I know him and know him well. I still love Charles like he was my own son, but he has greatly disappointed me. As I said, I have no pity for him. He had no pity before pulling that trigger. Maybe God have mercy on that boys soul. I still can't believe trust he has done this. Tsk tsk tsk tsk.