That's some telephone pole

Where and when?

The City of Boston Archives asks: Where and when was this Boston scene photographed? Larger view.



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    Hard one

    No signs to use? Tough one. I will guess Roslindale Square.

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    Roslindale Square was the first thing I thought when I saw that picture, too.

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    Although the street angles seem a bit odd to me to be Rozzie Square I have no better answer and I figure some day Adam posts a pic from his neck of the woods. :-)

    As for time - lots of electric poles - no cars although this is not downtown - more of a middle class neighborhood - so that could be why. I'd say 1895-1905.

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    East Boston?

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    The area looks so flat, houses on low foundations, no hills in the background...Brighton and Rozzie don't look quite like that.

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    I had the same guess: Rozzy Square.

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    The Twitter thread already has the answer.

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    The Answer

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    This is Central Sq in East Boston (Border St side). The photo was taken on June 1, 1905. Thanks for guessing, everyone!

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    A highway?

    How did the human race not go extinct with roads so wide?

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    Pretty sure every time one of

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    Pretty sure every time one of these comes up, someone has the obligatory "Rozzie" answer. Man, this site is so Rozzie-centric haha

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