Thieves target Mission Hill apartments; police urge residents to lock their windows

Boston Police report five break-ins on Mission Hill between Thursday and Monday - several with no evidence of forced entry.

Apartments on Wensley, Cherokee and Calumet streets and on the 800 block of Huntington Avenue were entered, with electronics, flat-screen TVs and laptops taken, police say. On Monday afternoon, somebody pried open the door to a storage room at the Tobin Community Center, 1481 Tremont St., making off with 15 new baseball gloves and a 42-inch flat-screen TV.

Among police tips:

Lock your windows especially those that are easily accessible to unwanted intruders. Windows on the first floor or basement levels should always be locked.



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    lock bumping

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    "several with no evidence of forced entry."

    That doesn't mean they got in through a window.

    Lock bumping has been a known technique for YEARS. It'd be nice if BPD got off their asses and investigated these burglaries, instead of shrugging, saying "eh, we didn't catch 'em in action, too bad" and wandering off. Y'know, look for fingerprints and stuff, so that among other things, if they catch someone, they can link them to the scene?

    How good is fingerprint technology?

    Some piece of crap broke into my car downtown last month. I reported it at the A-1 police station. They were as helpful as they could be...but they didn't dust for prints in my car where the thief touched (door lock, hood latch, fuel door latch). I didn't expect anything beyond filing the report...they broke a window, took a $45 mixer, a broken $80 mixer, and a bag with a mic and some cables. In the eyes of the BPD, that's nothing.

    Hell, I reported it for the good of the community, not because I thought I'd ever get my stuff back.

    and this is precisely why we have so much crime

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    In the eyes of the BPD, that's nothing.

    And that is precisely why people keep breaking into our cars and homes. The cops won't do anything about it, so it's a safe crime.

    These cretins cross into the system eventually - at which point, if their fingerprint matches a home breakin and a couple of car thefts, BAM, you've nailed them on a lot more.

    What makes you think they don't do that?

    If I showed you the hundreds of reports and intel pages on car and housebreaks each week (that aren't available to the public), you would complain that the cops should be worring about more important things like the murders and shootings in other parts of town.

    Fingerpring technology.

    Can be great if you get a partial print. But 99.9% of car breaks you aren't going to get a partial print. Only glass and a good metal surface will get you a clean print, and metal surfaces in cars usually have tons of other prints on them, and junkie thieves don't touch this stuff anyway and most wear plastic gloves.

    Either way the BPD does not dust for car break prints unless there is a localized problem with car breaks and they really want to find the guy.

    My apartment was broken into

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    My apartment was broken into on mission hill two years ago, the cop that came by to "investigate" couldn't have cared less.