Think the new T general manager will get a honeymoon before we start pining for the good old days - like today?

The Blue Line ran out of juice around 5:30 p.m., just in time for the afternoon rush.



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Don't Remind Me

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I got on the blue line at Gov't Center. Driver of the car said "We'll be standing by indefinitely". So I fired up my SeeSay App and looked. This is what it said..

"Blue Line is experiencing delays in excess of 30 minutes due to a wire problem at Airport Station."

Really? 30 minutes, and the driver couldn't tell us that? People thanked me as I walked away saying "I'd see another route.." and repeat what the T Alert said.

I did let a inspector on the green line upstairs know that they really should tell folks this...

Babies crying .. people smelling...

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not the ideal commute home...

I hope tonights commute goes better. We really dont have another option other then paying jacked up cab fee's!
I hope the ferry service to mavrick does pan out.

I want a refund for my T ride last night!


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I'm more than slightly serious about this. If the non-T-using part of the State doesn't want the State to subsidize the T, then the T part of the state should secede. See how they like losing all the auto and other transportation system funding we in Metro Boston subsidize. Also, more senators!