Those crazy council kids pass new redistricting plan kinda the same as the one the mayor vetoed

The City Council was supposed to vote on a proposal by Council President Steve Murphy today to allocate money to study how to redraw district council lines after Mayor Menino vetoed their earlier effort as shoehorning too many minority voters into too few districts.

Instead, the council voted 7-6 to pass a proposal by councilors Matt O'Malley (West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain) and Tito Jackson (Roxbury) that critics said was pretty much the same thing.



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    Your spread sheet is wrong W3 P5 stays in D8 doesn't go to D2

    This map is the same as Linehan's except in the SE and W7 P7

    Bordering streets. Index to Wards Precincts. Online Overlay Maps

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    a) Redistricting maps needed that label the NAMES of the BORDERING STREETS of the Boston City Council Districts. b) An INDEXED list needed to what constitutes each Ward and what constitutes each Precinct. c) ONLINE OVERLAY MAPS needed ON THE WEB for comparing current and proposed City Council Districts with one another. That this detailed information isn't made available is another of many examples of limiting the public discussion. Boston City Council Communications aren't setup in the most user friendly way for an issue to be studied well by all interested constituencies of all affected communities. Have all of the members of Boston City Council memorized a), b) and c) ?... How do City Councilors work on Redistricting without at hand the detailed information of a), b) and c) ?... If Councilors do have this detailed information it should be made available to the people.

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