Three-car crash in Roslindale Square sends three to hospital

Washington Street by Corinth.

Ed Grzyb, who took this photo (along with this one showing skid marks). Channel 5 reports the collision may have started when a tire on the police cruiser blew out.



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It's really disrespectful of

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It's really disrespectful of these drivers to block the bicycle lane with their accident. It's clearly marked that the area on the right is only for bikes. (Not to mention this wouldn'tve happened if everyone was riding bicycles in the first place.) I wish BTD would start handing out tickets for people with such little respect as this.


That isn't a bike lane

Those are sharrows. They indicate that bikes belong that far out into that travel lane, and cars have to share the space. They don't exclude cars - just remind motorists that they have to wait their turn and behave themselves.

Check out for more information.

Nice try, but ...

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Yeah, sharrows an' stuff.

The Washington Street bike lane basically ends on the other end of the square, where it continues along South Street for a bit before disappearing altogether on Belgrade. Cripes.

All the way to Roache Bros.

Those bike lanes continue on Belgrade to just about the parking lot entrance by Lords and Ladies. And I can't believe Cripes saw this as an opportunity to troll cyclists. I hope the two injuries were not severe.



Cripes is trolling humanity in general -- no just cyclists.

Is this a serious comment?

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Two of these drivers were taken to the hospital on stretchers and all you care to comment on is that a car was near a bike marker? Are you serious? I am sure that was the first thing on their minds.

I think

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that Cripes is often pretty fucking hilarious.

Cripes comment was well

Cripes comment was well crafted satire. You can agree, or disagree with his point of view.

I'm with Eeka on this one, this is funny!

Sat·ire   [sat-ahyuhr]


1. the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.

Okay then

I'm sorry that he will have to declare his donut deliveries "life threatening emergencies" from here on out because cyclists are just so mean!

Traffic through all Rossie

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Traffic through all Rossie Square is horrible. It's a miracle there aren't more accidents there. Lord Come Quickly!!