Torontonian jealous of what we have

Sportswriter visits the Hub, feels inadequate - even as losers, our teams are better than his teams, he writes, adding:

Boston is the best because it has made rooting for a team its noblest civic duty. You get out on the highway and you suffer. You get into the stadium and you may suffer some more. But your suffering has meaning. It's an act of contrition. It's - and you don’t go too crazy on this word - a sort of worship.

They do it better than us. No one who's ever compared experiences can seriously argue that.

H/t Stephanie.



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    Humor + Hyberbole = sports writing

    I don't think you watch the NFL Network or read many sports blogs. Following your team through thick and thin is a duty - no an honor, a privilege - that is a noble endeavor.

    Watching the Patriots lose a Superbowl they should have won breaks our hearts a tiny little bit but we pull ourselves back up and know in our heart-of-hearts that Tom Brady will lead his team to triumph the next year.

    And then when the season starts to fall apart a bit, as it is now, do we desert our team? NO! We root harder.

    That is our charge and we happily accept it.