Train delayed more than an hour due to out-of-control suburban teens

UPDATE: Franklin High School officials say the actual pugilists on the train were Franklin High alumni, not students, the Milford Daily News reports.

The 7:20 Franklin train last night pulled into Forge Park 63 minutes late because MBTA Transit Police had to board it twice to quell rambunctious Franklin High students returning from a hockey match at the Garden (which the Franklin Panthers lost). MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo relays this account:

After receiving a report of fighting aboard the train, Transit Police responded to Readville Station, where more than a dozen high school-aged teens were removed from the outbound train. As the train approached Norwood, Transit Police received another report of more disturbances aboard the train. Transit Police boarded the train in Norwood and rode the train. There were no further incidents. There were no reported injuries nor any arrests, but one or two individuals may face charges for vandalizing the inside of a passenger coach with graffiti.

Some kids live-tweeted the activity. One wrote:

I honestly think that Franklin just threw its own project x party on this train

Another added:

Witnessing civil war on the train right now between these franklin throwing down left and right

Apparently, this isn't the first time Franklin students have caused problems returning from Boston:

don't think I've ever taken the train back from a Franklin event with out the cops coming on

Franklin High officials, at least, did not ignore the train ride from hell. One student tweeted (tweet since deleted) late last night:




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that last one would be [Name redacted by overbearing editor]

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Ed.note: I deleted the girl's name from this post by an anonymous user. She should be easy enough to find if you really want to, but the idea that years from now somebody will find out about this incident through an anonymous comment seems a bit of a harsh punishment for being stupid. But feel free to tell me how wrong I am.

And she's claiming now that she's going to say she has "food poisoning".

Anyone got the contact info for Franklin HS?


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She deserves it. Anyone stupid enough to publicize that on Twitter needs a lesson on the transparencies of social media and the importance of being discreet.


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You keep using that word....I do not think it means what you think it means.

How I found her tweet

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Which is now gone, but in any case:

Last night, I noticed a tweet or two under the mbta hashtag about some odd goings-on a train to Franklin after something at the Garden. I thought it was interesting, but not enough to hang a post on, so I did something really sneaky: I searched Twitter on "franklin train" and all this stuff popped up. Googled to see why a bunch of Franklin kids would be at the Garden on a Sunday afternoon, found a story about the hockey playoff game, went to to see what train they probably took, then dashed off a note to Joe Pesaturo to ask if anything unusual had happened on that train, went to sleep. He checked this morning and, well, the rest is up at the top of this page.

Tell me about it

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Then again, it's part of how I earn a living, so I'm not complaining.


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some anon commenting for free.

Go back to school and research the time value of money. Adams's got it down and he's making a buck thanks to you wasting time.

Clarification for Sir Gaffin.

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I have no problem with you publishing her tweet. If she's dumb enough to post it, it's fair game.

My issue was with the goofball upthread who suggested somebody contact the principal at her high school. (The same guy who posted her name).

Oh, I didn't do it in reaction to that

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Somebody with no connection to this incident e-mailed me to raise the issue of her name being out there permanently on what is, more or less, a news site. I thought about it and he seemed to have a point. That having been said, I would have left it if the poster were somebody with an account here, which implies at least some level of responsibility for one's words, not that I don't think anonymous comments have value (or I would require registration to post), but I don't know, in a case like this, it seemed too loose a thread to tie her to the incident for a long time.

Honestly, most of this is

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Honestly, most of this is exageration and also people don't seem too remeber when they were teenagers. You people have created the cup cake age and this is what happens as a result.

low blow- why would you rat

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low blow- why would you rat someone out like that. reguardless of their status or how much you hate them; really?! this school just had presentations on bullying and how to prevent it and what not- thanks for helping ruin this schools reputation.

before the game, people respected us. this was the SECOND year IN A ROW that the hockey team made it to the garden, also, this school can't stress enough the point of good sportsman ship and our panther pride, the students that attended the event threw everything in the trash. students weren't just acting like a bunch of animals, they were also being sore losers. just about every one of the winter sports teams came VERY close to winning a high title- some may even have gotten that- just because one more team had a loss, doesn't mean that students should have to act in such a manor.

so i'd like to thank the franklin high school student body for not only ruining our schools reputation, but making fools out of everyone that attends here for going to such an event HIGHLY under the influence- you all have ruined it for us all.

Oh, yeah, UNIVERSAL HUB just

Oh, yeah, UNIVERSAL HUB just ruined FHS's reputation. That is definitely what is happening here. With the bullying.

No Self Control

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It doesn't matter why they were behaving poorly - sore losers or just out of control brats. The fact is that they were not behaving according to the generally accepted standards for being in the space they were in.

I realize that you probably aren't used to this "behave yourself/control yourself" concept, but, believe me, you will do well to learn it. Soon. Just because there isn't an adult around doesn't mean you get to be wildly out of control.

I'm sorry that your parents didn't bother to teach you that actions have consequences even when they aren't around to smack you upside the head, but I'll say this now: ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES EVEN WHEN MOMMY AND DADDY AREN'T AROUND.

Now run along, and grow up. All of you.

Franklin line

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Worst train ride of my life with my family and 4 small children. EVERY Single one of them should have been arrested! It was mayhem!! There was pot smoking, open drinking, cig smoking, swearing, screaming, puking, pissing, fighting... It was pure hell!!!

Least of her problems years from now?

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Seriously, Adam?

Did you see her Tumblr? She's got photos, tagged with her pseudonym, from January where she was smoking pot out of a soda can makeshift pot pipe/bong.

Or about half a dozen pics of booze in her Twitter feed...and I didn't even make it back to March 1st.

I have a feeling a tweet about being drunk is going to be the least of her problems in life at this rate.


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ok every adult advocating for the author and all other condescending assholes can shut the hell up. you're all hypocrates. while i cannot speak with proof, i will almost guarentee that all have you have been there. do not act like you wern't in their position at one point in your life. stop acting like you've always been a cocky "mature" (i use that term loosly)older people. no you were born imperfect too. whoever replies to this will most likly use the argument "oh that doesn't serve as an exuse for the young lady and her peers", no it doesn't, but ill tell you what does. the fact that the previous generations have been coddling like current one like their infantile and immpossible. situations like these are inevitable and the product of you're strict rules and lack of freedoms. people like you are ruining the future... not people like the young lady who are getting their mistakes out now and learning from them early. congrats guys. now step off.

Your (note, it's not you're) response is a mess.

First, this is not a sentence:

the fact that the previous generations have been coddling like current one like their infantile and immpossible.

Second, determining meaning from this jumble of competing ideas is difficult at best. I think you are essentially proposing Christ's defense of Mary Magdalene. Indeed, we have no doubt all sinned. I have been drunk, I have been drunk on the 'T, I have done this both before and after reaching the age of 21. Unfortunately, that isn't the issue. I judge the behavior, not the excuse.

I'll start a new paragraph here, to emphasize that I'm making a new point. You might try this approach, too. There is never a justification to be disruptive and discourteous to strangers in public. That is the only issue that matters in this situation. And just so you know, most of us have not engaged in this kind of behavior. If you live in the city, and ride the 'T as a matter of routine, you understand that it is a shared space, one that requires proper decorum.

Time for a third paragraph, so yet another new point for you to consider. I don't blame you and your peers for this atrocious behavior. I blame your parents. They have failed you by not teaching you how to behave outside of your bubble. This is not your fault, although you will likely pay for their mistakes. Hopefully all of the young people involved and the community that has raised them can learn something from this.

Good gravy kid, get a

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Good gravy kid, get a dictionary app.

And no, I did not behave this way as a teenager. I drank, but never to the point of illness or hangover. I did not commit crimes or misdemeanors on public transportation. I did not egg my peers on to do the same. In fact I helped those with less restraint from getting into trouble from their stupidity. Not by covering it up but steering them out of getting caught in the first place (think taking keys from inebriated people so they can't drive and not letting girls unable to consent from going off with college guys to "see their room").

We are asking you to take responsibility for your actions both before (choosing to drink to excess) and after (facing the music for damages and misbehavior). You also don't get to blame anyone but your own self. Bad parenting may be the reason you're a crappy human being but it's not an excuse. You can recognize where they went wrong, so you can counteract the effects in your own behavior or avoid situations where you can't.

Wait, how did I get out front on my lawn and where did all you kids come from.

Gotta wonder

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Wait, how did I get out front on my lawn and where did all you kids come from.

Frightening, isn't it? :) Wanna borrow my walker for a bit?

Gotta wonder

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Wait, how did I get out front on my lawn and where did all you kids come from.

Frightening, isn't it? :) Wanna borrow my walker for a bit?

Another confusion, Adam

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What makes the final tweet worth protecting the identity, but the first tweet you linked to is a Twitter feed of the girl's name (she's since changed her account name and made her tweets private, but both are pretty meaningless with as much retweeting as her friends (who are still public) do.

Why protect the latter one, but not the first one?

The difference is/was

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In 5 years, assuming both this site and she are still around (and you're right, kid has more important issues to deal with than what happened last night), she goes for an internship somewhere and her prospective boss Googles her name.

If her name is still displayed in this thread, this thread will likely be one of the first things to pop up. And suddenly boss person starts having second thoughts. You wouldn't get the same effect with a link without her name (yes, Google does use links to figure out relevancy, so that tweet, were it to still exist, might show up higher, but it's not as dramatic an effect).

Good point

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Fair enough. I see the difference there.

However, I doubt Subway managers Google their employee's names when reviewing applications though.

leave her alone. she mad a

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leave her alone. she mad a mistake and everyone makes them im sure you have to. you have no right doing this. leave the poor girl alone im sure she probaby feels like shit for doing it but leave her alone seriously. the whole world doesnt need to see that. obviously the school and her parents have talked to her about it. and ITS NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS.

What you do in public

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is out for everyone to see. Especially when it involves the police.

This ain't TV land sweetie, that's fiction.

It's called a life lesson. Best you reflect upon it and take some responsibility for your actions. And have some god damned self respect.

It would be none of our

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It would be none of our business if this were all a private matter. That would include, to the best of my knowledge:

1. Not being a part of a rowdy drunken fightfest on an MBTA commuter train.
2. Not tweeting about said rowdy drunken fightfest.

Now, if neither 1 nor 2 had happened, it would be something that happened in private, a space that we are not privy to nor entitled to discuss. But both 1 and 2 happened, and that makes it PUBLIC, a concept which you may or may not have a full grasp on.

Long story short: tough titties, grow up.

This is so embarrassing. It

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This is so embarrassing. It is such a shame that a few students would ruin our school rep like that. This was all anyone could talk about today and everyone is extremely angry with those who did this. As someone who didn't even ride the train, I feel deeply upset that people will think of me as one of these students! AH! I just can't believe that someone would do this! :(
Please don't think all FHS-ers are like this! Most of us are artsy or nerdy or musical. This is just a small percentage!

This article is so

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This article is so biased..not saying some of my classmates didn't misbehave, but the author pulled out the worst tweets, ignoring the ones saying "I just want to go home", "this is ridiculous" etc..These tweets greatly outnumbered the tweets from kids bragging about the behavior. Students do not think this behavior is acceptable either, and were just as annoyed by it as other passengers on the train.
There really were only a select few of students causing the problems, but this article makes it sound like all of us were out of control and it was a total free for all.
It is not fair to base your opinion of our town or our school based on the actions of a handful of kids. It was without a doubt a bad situation, but the entire student body cannot be held accountable for the actions of some. If you actually came to Franklin, you would realize the majority of us are respectful, smart, and upstanding students. Of course, there are some immature students, but you're going to get that in any town.

Unfortunately, however, it often takes just a minority.

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Unfortunately, however, it often takes just a minority of badly-behaved students to incite others to act like that, and, if the ones with better self-control don't make the effort to keep the less-restrained ones in line, then they're part of the problem.

The most ironic thing of all?

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The most ironic thing of all? In one week, Franklin will have a town election, and one of the questions on the ballot is to vote whether or not to construct a new public high school.

It's funny how a few handfuls of people can have such an impact, because you guys are sure as hell not going to get that new school now!


Let's take a step back for a second

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The real kicker here is that the majority of the people getting into fights and acting trashy weren't even Franklin High School students. There were a bunch of white-trash 20-somethings who were still drunk from the St. Patty's Day parade and they got into some discrepancies with some strong personalities who were students. There was a small portion of our own that actually had something to do with it, and because of it our reputation is at risk. It's a little crazy to think the majority of the posts on this thread are about one girl's twitter. Yes, this girl was drinking, but it's not like she was one of the real embarrassments on the train that day. She did not get into any fights, nor did she fishbowl, nor did she vandalize anything. She got drunk, as most teens will. There are definitely a few kids from the wrong side of the tracks, but the majority of us were sitting quietly and patiently, most of us entirely unaware of the gravity of the situations. To say the least, this was not a reflection on Franklin High school, its students, or its faculty. This was a series of unfortunate events, brought upon by outside forces, events, and influences.

The suburbs...

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Must be a terribly difficult place to raise a child.

Define "raise"

Hint: it usually refers to "rearing to adulthood". These kids will be legal adults in 1-3 years. Looks like they have a long way to go before they are "raised".

All you bitches need to get a

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All you bitches need to get a life and stop talking about other peoples shit and putting their bussiness online like really you have nothing better to do then talk shit ?! @LittleKidShit GET A FUCKING LIFE


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The person responsible for putting this online is the tweeter herself. Crying now because she made multiple consecutive bad decisions is not our problem whatsoever. Bad choices lead to bad outcomes.

FHS Represent!

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Im from FHS and this is super embaressing! Not only did we lose but now our reputation is ruined


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"Narcissists hold unreasonable expectations of particularly favorable treatment and automatic compliance because they consider themselves special. Failure to comply is considered an attack on their superiority, and the perpetrator is considered an "awkward" or "difficult" person."

Maybe next time you little twits from the suburbs can behave yourselves. You don't have a right to shit all over our city and public transit system, illegally drink, and then lie to get out of disciplinary meetings. You're pissed you got caught - well, don't do that shit in the first place.

Booo hooo, we were disruptive, destructive, illegally drinking, bragged about how we were going to lie to get out of a disciplinary meeting, posting about it all over the internets...and now we're upset because people put 2 and 2 together from PUBLIC INFORMATION WE PUBLISHED.

Funny how you talk big on your twitter and tumblr blogs, but soon as you get caught by someone outside your peer group, you're all butthurt.


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"all over the internets"


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Idk if this is how I post onto this thread, but yes it is I who posted the tweet. Idk why this is getting blown so out of proportion, I was not in my right state of mind and the tweets have been deleted. I've had enough embarrasment for one day so can everybody please give it a rest. yes, it was my fault for posting that and I take complete responisibilty so can everyone just please stop now. Thank you to those who had my back, and I dont know why someone would get my school involved.. haha. I was drunk, among about 100 other FHS students. Big whoop. Atleast i wasnt causing chaos and fighting and getting kicked off the train like half my school. But thank you to all you wonderful people who trashed my name, and you don't know how unbelievably bad that will effect my future careers, and I already said I took responsibility but there was really no point in posting this tweet and my name and it was pretty immature. Thanks.

I'm going to give you some free advice.

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Don't complain to people about your problems because half of those you tell don't give a shit and the other half are happy you have the problems.

Also - lose the text speak when trying to communicate with people. Your post tells me you traffic in self pity. That's not a good look and will not serve you well.

Now get back to the books so you can prove guys like Kaz wrong. I'm not holding out much hope, but perhaps people doubting you will serve as a motivating factor.

Good luck.

Closed mouths don't gather feet

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Kid, you need to learn when to shut up.

Get offline, stay offline, at least two weeks, 'cause you & your cohorts aren't making anything better.


I have to agree. There is a

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I have to agree. There is a time and a place for everything and being offline right now, might do her some good. Posting things, even though one can delete it, doesn't mean that it can be deleted from memories. -Mea

Taking responsibility

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I don't think you actually understand what responsibility is.

You shouldn't be getting drunk (or high) at your age. One of the reasons for that is that you're not smart enough yet to figure out how to handle yourself when you're drunk. Whatever effect posting online about being drunk and high has on your future employment is your own fault and not anyone else's fault. You've done a pretty good job of trashing your own name online with the garbage that you post on Twitter and Tumblr. People wouldn't be able to point to anything you've done if it weren't online to point to and nobody else is responsible for it being online except yourself.

Try staying clean and sober until you're smart enough to handle yourself better and see how many fewer mistakes you make that might effect your future employment or cause you to be embarrassed online. If you want to be responsible, then be responsible for your actions from the start.

shut up

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hey guys, jus informing you that teenagers have been getting drunk since there has been alcohol act like this is the first time anything like this has happened with alcohol. and just let me know if anybody saw a fight because from talking to everybody at fhs, nobody saw a fight on the train..a lot of confrontation but no fights. and just because the train was going back to franklin doesnt mean it was just franklin kids. there was franklin, millis, bellingham, walpole, among other towns not even including the people that went to the st. patty's day parade drunk as hell. so if you wanna pick out ONE girl that was drunk and shit on her life look in the mirror. i dont know about you but 100% of the people i know have done something stupid in their lives so fuck off and mind YOUR business. bitching about it isnt gunna change it so quit cryin

wow the low lifes who

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wow the low lifes who continue to shit on the younger generation need to back off because yes the high schoolers were being immature but YOU as grown adults need to back off and learn maturity yourselfs. have a little respect we're teenagers who learn from our mistakes clearly. For you to take the time of day and shit on a teenager is pathetic in itself.

No, you're not going to learn from your mistakes ...

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Unless you get called on them.

And given that this is not the first time you guys have had issues on trains (gotta be a reason half the Franklin Police Department was on hand to give you a sendoff), I suspect you have not been called on them yet.

underage drinking no big deal?

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I'm sorry Nikki but you need to smarten up quick. Its going to be a very painful lesson when one of your underage pals decides to go out drinking and not take the train. I hope you learn a lesson from this, but unfortunately judging by your comments I don't think you have.


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Very persuasive argument you have going there. Next time you and your friends decided to commandeer an MBTA train and act like assholes, people are going to weigh in with their opinions. If you don't want people in your business, don't do stupid shit in public.

Franklin HS's Expectations as to its students

This large group of FHS students clearly is not meeting the standards expressly set by their school.

Social and Civic

In order to help prepare our students to be contributors to our democratic society and an interdependent world, we expect them to:

1. Have respect for themselves and others
2. Be open minded and compassionate
3. Make informed decisions and accept responsibility for them
4. Be involved in school and community activities
5. Develop and cultivate knowledge of their physical, emotional and social well-being
6. Utilize effective problem solving strategies to resolve social and emotional issues
7. Be responsible citizens

Hi, I wasn't involved in any

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Hi, I wasn't involved in any of the fighting or drinking or smoking, so you cannot say that "this large group of FHS students" wasn't meeting the standards set by our school. I'd say it's a select few that have a history of pulling these types of acts repeatedly and just never getting caught for them that do not meet FHS expectations. I do not know Nikki personally, but she has been in classes of mine throughout school so far, and I know how embarrassed she is for having this happen to her, and I concur that it was bound to happen, but I do not believe that you, Mr. Kerpan should blame all of FHS for her and her friends' actions. It is unfair to the rest of us who attempt to uphold FHS' reputation, when a group continuously puts themselves in situations that negatively impacts and illustrates our school.

Okay, I've said my piece. Goodbye now.

With all due respect

The reports do not suggest that it was just a "select few" student misbehaving.

What is unfair is NOT the fact that all students (and the school) get some blame for the actions of misbehaving students (this is simply the way the world works). What IS unfair to non-misbehaving students is the behavior of the misbehaving sttudents themselves.

If fellow students tolerate such misbehavior, and the students' parents overlook the misbehavior, and FHS teachers and administrators are unwilling or unable to control the misbehavior, then your reputation and that of your school will be damaged.

Just what are you and your fellow students willing to do to identify (and, if necessary, testify against) misbehaving students? If nothing, then you have to share the blame -- for these bad acts and future ones as well.

It's a bit much to expect

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It's a bit much to expect students on the straight and narrow to correct 'misbehaving students' who might well be more or less criminal and have seriously criminal and violent acquaintances. Social dynamics are weird and fluid in that age group. Students who deeply disapprove of the misbehaving students could easily turn on those who stand up against them simply because it's a safe thing to do.

Why must students constantly

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Why must students constantly be representing their school? Why can't they just be drunken citizens on a train without being continuously attached to the rules and regulations of their high school? Does a mailman's every action have a reflection on the postal service? If a doctor is drunk in public, should that make the hospital he works for look bad? Why are some of the rambunctious students of Franklin High also its ambassadors?

Two reasons

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One: These students were attending a school activity at the Garden. They weren't going in and out of the city to see a movie or something. Many of them were wearing school colors and some even had blue paw print face paint on to cheer on their team. So, yes, if the mailman were wearing his Post Office uniform and starting fights, it would reflect poorly on the Post Office just the same.

Two: Because kids are still in the process of learning. Not just book learning, but how to behave in society and everything else that comes along with life. They should be getting that from their parents and their school which setup a structure for them to learn from and within. So, the doctor, unlike these kids, doesn't represent the structure of his hospital if he acts immaturely, starts a fight, and forces the police to arrest him or ride the train with him so he behaves the rest of the trip. The hospital isn't responsible for how he's been raised and taught and structured. So, when kids behave so poorly to require police intervention multiple times, it reflects poorly on them, their families, and their school (adding in #1, even more so since their activity was school-related).

It wasnt just her. You

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It wasnt just her. You probably werent even there so stop writing stuff. So annoying and its really not your problem to deal with.

"You probably werent even

"You probably werent even there so stop writing stuff."

What does that even mean? We aren't allowed to write (or talk) about things we don't witness first hand? There goes most of journalism then.

To "its really not your problem to deal with" if you act poorly in public, and disrupt other people, it is their problem, and since complete disregard was shown for who was affected negatively, it applies to the general public as a whole, as a similar incident could very well happen again from this same group, affecting a new group of people, such as the unfortunate ones that happened to be riding on the train in this story.

There is a good reason things like public drunkenness is a crime, your right to (illegally if you are under 21) enjoy yourself only applies when you are not taking away from other people's rights to enjoy themselves.


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I'm a student from Franklin high and I never thought I'd say I'm truly embarrassed to be a student there. Honestly, I don't think the entire Franklin high school should have to deal with people making stupid decisions. Yes some of those people were Franklin high students, not all of them were. The person that said we were all acting ridiculous and screaming, that's not true. Most of us were annoyed and pissed off with everyone. I can't believe that adults would stoop so low to say a minors name on a news website. That's not far at all. Just because Franklin had a hockey game at the garden doesn't mean that all the problems were with Franklin kids. Yeah some kids got in trouble, but there were drunk idiots on the train from the parade causing problems too. I witnessed grown men starting problems with teenagers and it's not fair that it's automatically the high schoolers fault. There were other high school students from other towns on that train too. I personally saw a college kid, who was drunk of course, start shouting over the announcements. It's not fair to the hockey that their amazing season is being ignored due to the actions of others. I feel truly sorry to them. The adults weren't the only ones praying to get off the train. Most of the tweets from my classmates and myself were telling people to sit down and stop causing problems because we all wanted to go home. I don't want to be known for destroying an Mbta train and I know most of the school doesn't either. Not everyone should be looked at as brats since they had no problems on the train. I knew of plenty of people who didn't drink. The rest of us should be penalized for the stupid, immature actions of those around us, but it sucks because apparently that's how it's going to be.

Some of the Kids did tell the

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Some of the Kids did tell the kids they knew to stop yes. But I do not expect them to tell grown drunken men to stop or to tell parents to tell their children to stop running up and down the isle and to come in between people in a dangerous situation and risk being hurt or in trouble themselves. So Michael you need to step off your high horse and stop judging ALL the kids esp. if you were not there.

I am not judging all the kids

But I am telling them (and their parents) that it is NOT especially unfair for them to pay part of the price for the misbehavior of many of their classmates.

If parents did accompany their children -- why did they allow their children to drink -- and why didn't they exert some control over their misbehaving high school kids (drunk or not)?

I saw more grown men drunk

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I saw more grown men drunk from the parade starting problems on that train than I saw high school students. Do not post a blog about teenage kids if you were not there. Get a new job I am honestly disgusted in this page. I was a parent on that train and from the attention the media is giving that train ride is creating major rumors that are far from the truth.

i think there's a misunderstanding

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With all due respect Michael, please don't forget that the southie parade was yesterday. so the drunken adults may not have had kids with them and may just have been drunk and belligerent on their own.

Also, regarding parents with kids running up and down the aisle, that's generally with younger children. It doesn't sound like they were connected with the high schoolers.

I'm not saying that their actions were in any way excusable, just that yesterday was a biiiiig day for public binge drinking in and around the city regardless of how old you are.

I went downtown on the MBTA yesterday

... and (Saturday too) and saw lots of young folks wearing green who were lively but generally well-behaved -- both downtown and on the train coming back to Forest Hills. Saw one guy zoning out on the Orange Line (but not bothering anyone). I wonder why was the passengers on the Franklin line were so out of control.

Franlkin LINE train not THE Franklin Train.

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It was the FRANKLIN LINE train not the Franklin Train. Passengers on the train were from all towns along that route. Not Just Franklin. And yes the comment I made of Parents letting children run up and down the isles were children who were 5 or 6 looking for fights and reporting back to their parents what was going on. But I am sure those HAD to be Franklin families too. Not perhaps people from other towns attending the parade.

And didn't I SAY...

...the Franklin LINE. Or did you not even bother to actually read my post before shooting off another over-defensive blast?

You know I would have said

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You know I would have said something to those people if I felt like getting beat up. There were fights going on everywhere with everyone. Kids were texting each other to be careful because people had knives on the train. I'm not going to step in on an argument between an adult/college kid and one of my classmates. I value my safety a little more than that, but I guess some people don't. And to those criticizing Franklin education why don't you look at our test scores because honestly our school is pretty kick ass. Don't blame our teachers and parents for our mistakes. I feel bad for the families on the train even though I conducted myself accordingly. Our principal doesn't deserve to be looked at poorly because he does a great job with our school and so does the rest of the Franklin administration.

A lot of us didn't even see

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A lot of us didn't even see anything that was going on. All I saw was people walking up and down the aisles, looking for fights. Some of our students who were seen as "fighting" were only trying to stop other fights. The adults who were drunkenly starting fights are infamous in our town. I know one of them there was an ex-convict who even my mother is afraid of. You expect us to say something to a big, belligerent drunk? You can't seriously expect us to be able to risk ourselves to tell someone to "cool it". Especially when the police were already on their way.

Not Proud of the Franklin High School Student

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I was on the train in question.
The students on the car I was on was asked where they went to school. Their response was “We are from Franklin High School and they were proud of it” and all started screaming and chanting Franklin High. Obviously, they did not think of the consequences of their actions. I had several children with me and they were TERRIFIED, of your so called classmates. I was personally was verbally abused/assaulted by many of these classmates. Several other people on this same car were also afraid of their actions.
I have never been disrespected by anyone, like I was that evening.
Students want to be treated like adults so act like one.
What does your Principle, Staff, Parents and your community think of the actions of these so called classmates, I bet they are embarrassed to, with these classmates, they are ones that have ruined Franklin High Schools reputation. They know how they are.
When I finally got off the train many students were receiving tweets/texts, that several students were going to get a head beating when they got off the train, they laughed about it. That is sad...
I would like to come face to face with some of these students, with their parents and principle, present to see what they have to say know.
Yes, it is sad that good students have to be penalized for the ones that rude and ignorant. Good Luck

This thread is Epic

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HS students talking shit and telling adults how the world works. We were a pretty rowdy bunch back in HS, but we were never so delusional and pretentious to think TV was reality.

Hate to break it to you kids, but the internet is forever. You are reason #1 why my kids won't be getting personal web connected devices without strong supervision.

Better shape up fast, or McDonalds will be your fallback job when/if you make it to the real world. Companies are getting very good at data mining your past, and it will haunt you. And if you can't handle your booze, you need to put it down. There's plenty of adults who couldn't, and they're losers too. That is your fate.

So, don't get surprised when you post something to the forever public forum that is the internet. It's not a telephone conversion. It's a broadcast medium and people are watching and listening.

Also not good PR to come here make matters worse. I'm sure this comment section has already been forwarded to the principle and super. Have a nice day!


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OH MY GOD YOU ARE A MOTHER OR FATHER AND ARE TELLING KIDS THEY ARE WORTH NOTHING BUT A JOB AT MCDONALDS?! wow congradulations you're pathetic to still be shitting on young kids on this in this way. i feel bad for your kids honestly.


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Stay in school bucko. That is if they allow you back after this incident.

Maybe they'll teach you some reading comprehension between your paint huffing. Maybe some grammar too.

Have fun with the principle this week!

nitpicky grammar police are nitpicky.

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Sorry to point this out, but you might want to back off a bit with the grammar lessons.

"Have fun with the principle this week!"

It's "Principal," please spell check/proofread before you call someone out on bad grammar.

It is plausible that one

It is plausible that one could have a good grasp of grammar but have difficulty spelling. With that said, spell check will not be of any help, since the word in question is spelled correctly, at least in terms of being an actual word.

Huh? what are you talking

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Huh? what are you talking about? Principal, as in principal of a high school, is indeed spelled principal as opposed to principle. Here's a quick and easy rule to help everyone remember... the principal is your pal.


They should drink as much as they want, smash whatever they want, and post pictures of it all on the internet. Who are we to tell your precious little darlings what they should or shouldn't do?

let us do what we want and we

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let us do what we want and we will have fun at school and you can continue to sit behind your computer and pour your cold hearts out on this. our principle carried on and it is what it is, on to the next thing please.

You can do what you want and

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You can do what you want and have fun at school as long as you stay there and don't bother the grownups. You get stuck at the kiddie table until you show you can handle being in public.

did anyone personally ask

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did anyone personally ask every kid who was causin something if they were from franklin? LOL exactly so shut up... the blame game isnt doin anything so what are you all really trying to get at... i jus made you all look dumb as hell now shut up and leave it alone. in life you go through inconveniences, get over it. your train ride wasnt rainbows and lollipops, boo hoo go cry about it.


Yeah it might have been a bunch of kids from, oh, I don't know, Worcester or Rowley who were on that Franklin train, huh? I guess that sort of thing happens all the time, where a bunch of kids starts causing trouble and NOBODY CAN TELL WHO THEY ARE OR WHERE THEY'RE FROM unless they ask every single kid individually.

Boy, do I feel stupid. Thanks for setting me straight.


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honestly, no one outside of Franklin High School gives a shit about Franklin high school, so you overbearingly narcissist and highly superficial clowns should stop worrying about your reputations (which again no one cares about) and focus on your grades - something that actually makes a school look good - because I can tell, for the most part, the student body that spends the majority of its time arguing on this shitty newswebsite has more valuable things to do with their time.

but then are on

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but then are on this website... spend the majority of your time....on a shitty website....fighting about something that doesnt effect you......

I am an FHS student. We are

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I am an FHS student. We are all very embarassed about the train ride home yesterday. It was not the entire student body that was rowdy and obnoxious and it was not because we lost. The few students ruined the reputation of all the students. In every high school there are students who drink, smoke, and are just plain rude and obnoxious. Although I know that the actions of the few will reflect our entire school, everyone should know that it is not the norm of our school to act in that rude manner. It is also not a reflection of the Franklin community, nor a reflection of our parents. Franklin is a great place to live, and it is very unfortunate that this incident tarnished our reputation. There will always be some students' bad actions that overshadow the good actions of other students. It is important for everyone to know that the entire student body did not take part in this embarassing incident.

Ok. I'm a student that goes

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Ok. I'm a student that goes to FHS now. I was not involved in any of this in fact i wasn't even in Franklin the weekend that the train inncident happened. What i do know is that although sad but true, people who get involved in stuff like this are going to be the kind of people working at fast food places. And it is also true that a lot of High schoolers talk shit and think their hot shit but their not. And yes the people on the train who did that stuff are irresponsble and stupid enough to post that on twitter. However YOU don't deserve to tell them that their assholes who will work mcdonalds. That really make you a bigger douche bag than the HS on the train. Besides this only a certain group of high schoolers at FHS. Many of my friends are dedicated students getting A's and B's and are really good people who have and continue to hold a strong reputation for FHS. Not all teens are arrogant assholes and you need to get that through your head.

to the guy who loves sarcasm

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to the guy who loves sarcasm and ended his statement with "you really showed us" ... im not showin anybody anything lol you jus look stupid as fuck sayin it was only franklin kids. and i bet you, sir, know for a fact and on everything you love that it was only franklin kids correct? damn i wish i was you cuz pretty much you sound like your jesus christ or god by the way that you know everything.. but your right it was ONLY franklin kids cuz theres no other possible way ever that it coulda been drunk ppl from idk maybe a parade celebrating the irish heritage like um..oh, i think its called st. patricks day? your jus full of intellect and intelligence huh? like i said, i wish i was you bro lol

Gee, let's see

It was a train from Boston to Franklin, and it was right after a big Franklin game, in Boston. Gosh, that's a tricky one. I guess we'll never actually know where all those drunk kids came from, who were riding the train from Boston to Franklin, after the big Franklin game, in Boston. It's just going to be one of life's unknowable mysteries, like how the tides work.

Also, tell your parents to make sure to vote for a tax reduction in the next town election, because whatever they're spending to educate you down there in Franklin, they ain't getting their money's worth.

where us people from franklin

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where us people from franklin are we live in a beautiful town full of nice, generous, educated people. i would greatly appreciate as a parent that you please stop harassing these FHS students, nagging on what happened. let's all move on from this situation. what's done is done. those who were responsible for what they did and how they acted are getting the punishment for what they deserve. As a franklin resident yes we are embarassed for what happened, and that just those select few of students could turn multiple people against an entire town. FHS has a wonderful body of students with a great education, but as with every other school in the nation there are those trouble makers who never learn but why as a community should we all suffer from what they did? It's there parents who need to put them in line not any of you. But as i said Franklin should not be looked down upon for these select few of teenagers with poor decisions. thank you.

Clearly you did not

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Clearly you did not have a good as education as afforded to those in the Franklin school district. "Us" is the direct object. "We" is the subject.
(also, it should be "their" parents, not "there" parents.)
[I wouldn't normally complain about grammar, but in a post about living in a town of educated people, it was too good to pass up.]

Harassing you say? Other than

Harassing you say? Other than responses to comments on this thread, has there been any contact between anyone here and students of Franklin High? If so, maybe there is harassment happening, otherwise I find your claim incorrect, as anyone posting or just reading posts here has chosen to do so freely, you can leave whenever you would like, no one will follow you out the door harassing you.

Lets be honest here, if a group of teenagers can be identified as students of a specific school, and that group is behaving poorly, they are being representative of that school, whether or not it is an accurate sampling of the students of that school. If those underrepresented members are ashamed of the negative attention they are getting, they should work towards improving their image that has been tarnished.

As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter who a group is or where they are from, or even how old they are, if they can be identified as a group, either as the whole or just a part of that group, and their are acting improperly, then those actions reflect poorly on the entire group.

Nice try kid

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I bet you sign your own excuse notes and are shocked the principal doesn't believe you, even when you signed it "Sincerely, Junior's Mom."

Honestly, I think it's all the "wahn wahn stop picking on me" and crappy writing skills from most of the teens posting here that is reflecting badly on you lot. Argument by blatant assertion, or " u waznt ther so u cnt know nuffin" doesn't persuade anyone here. That works on shows on the Disney channel, not with actual grownups.

If you don't care what we think or respect our opinions, then what on earth are you doing commenting here? You're not improving things but reinforcing them.

You are aware tht there are

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You are aware tht there are other stops along the way from Boston to Franklin right? There was the southie parade the same time as multiple garden games. No one wants to acknowledge that alcohol, Boston, a parade, an hokey just shouldn't mix. Basically everyone on that train should be embarrassed since just about everyone was making fools out of themselves. A lot of people made stupid decisions and ruin it for everyone. If you weren't there don't act like you know what happened because you don't.

This is insane. First to the

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This is insane. First to the poster who referenced their kids and strictly monitoring Internet usage, I can not wait until the day when your kid makes a mistake and you reply with telling them that their life is over and they are going to work at McDonald's the rest of their life. Also I want you to remember this when you find your kids drinking before twenty one. Second why are grown adults so interested in the mistakes of a few highschool students. You were not there yet continue to get involved and dig up information such as tumblr posts? I am do deeply sorry for your children and that you grown adults have nothing better to do with your time then fighting with high schoolers. Maybe it is you that should grow up

I think the message here

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I think the message here really should be, if any of these "adults" on Universal Hub can find the Franklin kids' twitter and tumblr pages so easily, what about future employers or colleges? The message that everyone should take, Franklin student, parent, resident or not, should be that these kids really should watch what they're putting on the internet, because once it's there, if someone wants to find it again, they will. The argument shouldn't be whether the kids on the train were from Franklin only, or if it was a random Uhubber's right to look at the twitter and tumblr pages. The discussion on here really should be, if you're going to do something stupid as a kid, fine, but watch what you say about it on the internet because someone you don't want seeing what you did at 16 will find it later in your life.


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this isn't new news to me at all, with our generation obsessed with the idea of a party with movies like project x this is something i expected. i am a Fhs student but i didn't attend the game, and franklin got the reputation it deserves. although it is unfair my classmate is taking the heat for it. but were also extremely dependant on social media, so this event that took place points out several different faults of our generation and the franklin student body. underage drinking has always been around but it seems that responsibility continues to diminish from each student. obviously it is not the whole school, as we are a huge populated facility. that's when we have to start looking at our laws and the laws of different societies to maybe learn a thing or too because other countries have a much smaller drinking age yet experience nothing similar to this and have way less incidents related with alcohol and drugs. but wake up and smell the roses because this isn't just franklin, you should start pointing the fingers at the role models kids like these follow and all the crap coming from the radio glorifying drinking. this has been ongoing and franklin just happened to be the example. just know that for each of those trouble making kids there's 3-4 well behaved functioning citizens that also attend franklin high

so close

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Aw man, I was right with you and my estimation was rising and then you went to the "wake up and smell the roses" part.

"I didn't put the bullet in the furnace and stop talking about my mother!" -- Bill Cosby, Why is There Air?

Ridiculous rumors

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You people are ridiculous and have nothing better to do with your lives and everyone makes mistakes and this might have been one of them but what people don't understand is that it was not the whole school acting up it was also many drunk people fron the st patricks day parade which also caused some comosition. But so many people took this way out of proportion than it truly had been. We are still a great town we've just made a mistake but everyone makes mistakes and I'm proud to be from Franklin.

Michael Kerpan: As a student

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Michael Kerpan:

As a student of franklin high school, i, nor anyone i was with was causing problems, like someone said before it was about 10 or 15 kids who get it trouble notoriously at school... every school has them. just because you said with all do respect doesnt make it a respectful comment. you werent there, it has no meaning nor any value to you. i, along with about 2000 other kids from franklin,were raised as respectful young adults and know how to control ourselves. most franklin people causing trouble were not even students at fhs but former students who did not even attend the game, but were at the game. in all honestly, people are ruining the reputation of 2000 kids that did not do anything wrong because you cannot get over your own values, and destroy peoples reputations on no concrete information.for all the disgusted parents, imagine if your child was deemed "bad" becauseof 20 former drunk highschool students and a couple trouble makers. to make informed decisions, first know what youre talking about, or actually be there. its not fair to all the other franklin students

unresolved issues....

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wow. this is an epic thread.

A clash of two Internet cultures -- know-it-all-judgemental U-Hubbers and Generation whatever-these-things-are-called. I can't say I would normally give this story more than a braincell worth of attention, but it's fascinating to see presumably grown men and women go out of their way to try and engage these kids in an argument and general electronic tongue lashing (complete with grammar corrections and future fast-food industry employment put-downs).

Did some of us not work out our issues from High School?

Good luck kids. You little sociopathic, grammar-impaired special snowflakes aren't careful you'll end up spending your future evenings correcting grammar on news blogs....


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Really Michael? "Cripes"? Darn it all to heck! Gee whiz!
Come on out and call me an asshole and maybe I'll take you seriously.


Story as interesting for what it doesn't say

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On the one hand, cool that no FHS students were implicated in the fights that got the police on the train in Readville. On the other hand, the story does not say anything about the other behavior described both by some of the students themselves and by a couple of people here who were on the train. Not exactly a sterling exoneration.

Also, school officials don't plan to investigate further, consider the matter closed. Fine by me. Let's move on and optimistically hope the kids who were involved in the chaos learned something.


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No six month (PR deflection) investigation?

Sound like everyone involved got very, very lucky this time. Unfortunately, going by the comments here, it seems lost on some of them.

Proudly always the victim, never the victimizer.

Next Time

The MBTA should just start removing them at earlier stops. Yep ... put them off of the train. Make them call their parents and explain why they need a ride.

Just curious

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I wonder how many of these posts from purported FHS students are actually from different individuals? If they are, I'm curious why FHS is apparently not bothering to teach basic grammar, punctuation, and/or typing skills...

Kids, I don't doubt that the rabble on the train represented just a small segment of your school's population. However if you wish to speak for the better half, you should take yourself and what you have to say seriously enough to express yourselves properly given the forum of discussion. On this blog than means full, coherent sentences using reasonably proper grammar and punctuation.

You will find you are taken a lot more seriously if you don't present yourself as an uneducated thug.

one question

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why the hell are all you adults still shitting on younger kids on this? Honestly though....dont you all have a job or something to be at? Possibly watching you're own kids? Worrying about your own lives perhaps? I guess not. Wow how sad. I was upset about the train yes but this blog is probably past the point of immaturity that the train had. Oh and if its the "FHS" students faults tell me this then, WHAT WERE THE BYSTANDERS DOING? HM? WATCHING IN AMUSEMENT AND NOT TAKING ACTION TO PREVENT SUCH A THING? Thats what i thought.

Is it really the bystanders

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Is it really the responsibility of the bystanders to prevent such a thing, though? Yes, they should have tried to do something. However, teenagers should know that such behaviours are, shall I say, not cool.

Additionally, if one chooses to make bad choices and get drunk/high and start causing problems, especially in a manner that seriously effects many other people, then one can expect to be criticised for one's actions--that's just how the world works. Although I will admit that the grammar corrections were a bit overboard, proper spelling and punctuation are part of looking like an educated person. It doesn't speak highly of Franklin High School if their students make such mistakes, now does it?

(And before anyone asks: I'm not an adult. I'm a thirteen year old. Who goes to a school in Roxbury. Make of that what you will.)

Of course it isn't. But this

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Of course it isn't. But this conversation was really all about personal responsibility and to lay the fault at the feet of the actors really takes a hatchet to some of the arguments in here. Mostly from people who should know better.

if you type like this or if u

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if you type like this or if u type lyke this you still get the point.. lol you are all idiots. i stopped multiple fights from takin place and i type incorrectly not cuz its cool but because im bein myself. my ass isnt goin to harvard and i can live with that lol i stopped about 3 fights from happenin and i know if one of my little kids was around some kids about to get in a fight i would break it up for THEIR protection. no punches were thrown and who gives a fuck if people type incorrectly, its life.. get over it lol and i know someones gunna comment back but in reality, u know everything i said i was right about so quit while your behind, cuz u clearly are not ahead

Hate to break it to you

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but your ass isn't going to UMass either, which is looking for a 3.5 GPA and proper use of written English.

Times have changed. Might want to start practicing now.

i guess 80% of kids that

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i guess 80% of kids that graduate college with flyin colors are in the same boat as me then lol look up statistics, jus cuz u graduate college doesnt mean shit.. theres dropouts that are millionaires but your right, graduating college is the only way you will ever be successful in life.. you are pathtic lol at least when i die ill look back and say "i did what i loved" so im happy where i stand in life haha

It does make a difference, abc123

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Each community has its social norms and conventions. The norm here is that we use full sentences, proper spelling, capitalization, grammar, paragraphs and so on.

When you fail to notice and meet the norms, the community downgrades your contribution. That's how it works. If you want your voice heard and to be taken seriously, you pay attention to such things.

If you can't be bothered to write properly (for this community), why should I pay attention to what you have to say? All I know about you is what you write here, so that's what I judge you on. If you want me to judge you differently, then present yourself differently. People point this out to you not (entirely) to be a PITA but to educate you on local norms so you can contribute to the community.

I could express myself in long-ago misremembered high school French on this forum and most people wouldn't get what I was saying at all, the rest would correct my crappy grammar and wonder why I was nattering on about my aunt and her yellow pencil. (Now if it was Italian I could at least order a beer and a kilo of tomatoes.)

One Answer

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Many of us here do have jobs and kids - and we have time to spend with jobs and kids and on the internet because we don't commute two hours each way so that our kids can "get a good education" (aka never have to deal with any sort of income or ethnic diversity ...)

If you're an adult who took

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If you're an adult who took the time to look up this article, read it, and write a paragraph long response then you seriously need to reconsider the priorities in your life.

I am going to put this in my

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I am going to put this in my next book:

Life lessons from an anonymous poster

I would credit you, but unfortunately, none is due.

If you're a kid who thinks it

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If you're a kid who thinks it takes a long time to glance at an article and write a paragraph long response, then you seriously need to reconsider all that time you're spending on Twitter and Facebook.

I mean you would know you

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I mean you would know you posted like 5 paragraphs like everyday your probably some 40 yr old freak that lives in his moms basement and is obsessed with high schoolers loserrrrr

I bow before your superior wit

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So I wouldn't dream of suggesting you stay in school and learn how the world works, kid. In the meantime, hey, get offa my lawn.

"how the world works" thats

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"how the world works" thats such a cop out retort...

if any of them attend public schools, surely they wont learn ISH about the real world, just how to be a complicit lil gear in this amoral society...

compare yourself at that age to thm, surely you werent as exposed to the "real world" as they are, most likely you were raised in a nice shielded little bubble
try again

Shows what you know

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adamg is a second account of mine on this website. Between all of my usernames on here, I post WAY more than 5 paragraphs every day...and it's the attic, not the basement. We don't even HAVE a basement! So there!

to anon (not verified) - 3/21/12 - 1:50 pm

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Nope. I'm a mom with my own basement. I have a public school education, some college, and a full-time job supporting my family of three.

I am a 45 year old freak, so you were close. I can make arguments that change the way people think. I design processes and write software (my last project saved my company $100,000 dollars a year). I can speak in one vernacular and write in another. I am obsessed with improving broken things (see job above and the fact that I'm still talking to you).

Apparently today I am bored/procrastinating.

Open your brain to new ideas that don't originate in your limited pool of peers (limited in the numerical sense, I leave it to you to evaluate any other limitations).

I see cover letters from job applicants and email from vendors that take as little care with their writing as you do and they go right in the trash. If you don't practice proper writing, you won't be able to do it when it counts and you won't even notice when you make a mistake. But those who read it will. Including McDonalds.

Wow this is way too long a

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Wow this is way too long a thread, its funny to be present during the incident and then read about it online. It really wasn't even that big of a deal, most of the students were annoyed and wanting to go home while teenagers who either didn't go to FHS anymore or go to a different school fooled around on the train. I didn't feel unsafe, it was about a hundred high school kids on a train at night, what do you expect. FHS is a really good school and now our principle is ashamed of something he couldn't control so thanks for blowing it out of proportion guys. And wow reading the adults comments who were posting a paragraph a day- you really must have no life. I can already tell you're the kind of people that like any opportunity to criticize and bring people down. LOSERS

it cost money, and if i was

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it cost money, and if i was going to waste the money to go to boston, i might as well make a day out of it and grab lunch, and not be on someone elses schedule

I didn't even know there was

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I didn't even know there was a bus, personally. I don't know anyone who did, or anyone who took it. I would've rather done that, had I known about it. I, along with the majority of my peers were sober. We took the train for convenience and maybe some social interaction, getting hyped up for the big game with fellow Panthers.