Tremont Street murder victim was serviceman just back from Afghanistan

PerezFriends identified the victim as Stephen Perez of Revere, whom the Globe reports had just returned from Afghanistan and who wanted to join the Revere Police Department.

The 2007 graduate of Revere High School was a sniper in the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division in Cop Charkh, Afghanistan.

Police report no arrests for his death, which happened around 2 a.m., Saturday.



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By Eric on

So he got shot outside Royale? I'm not surprised. I hate the place. It attracts the idiots and wannabe gangbangers - just terrible and horrible people.

Leave your personal resentment out of it

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What happened Eric ? couldn't get in??? Or were you fired from the place??? No articles in EVER written about the death of this individual mention Royale- Do your research, read a little buddy- Too bad for the loss of a life but leave your personal bullshit out of it---- hey There's always Rumor/Venu, Cure, Bijou, the W, Guilt etc. in the same district, for which people park in the same lot. So let's just blame it on the Theater District IDIOT!!!!!!

To be fair

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all the clubs in this city are both dangerous and slummy. Boston isn't a club city and prefers it's taverns and pubs. What there is remind me of places like Springfield and Lowel, only scummier and less safe.

These clubs need to shape up, every couple of weeks they seem to be having problems with major violence, inside or out.

Good question

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Different promotions and focuses? Better security? More out of the way? Less of a focus on local Boston DJ's, and their local rivalries?

Not sure. But it be interesting to find out.

The clubs down on Lansdowne street also seem to escape this shit for some reason, although they seem to be less of "a club" to me, which might be it.

MIddle East is a death trap

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The MIddle East had shots fired this past week inside the club.... Ron... you Idiot. Clubs are not the Issue... there will always be clubs. Go live in the desert if you don't want to be near live music and dancing. By saying that there is nothing but scum that go out and dance you are contradicting yourself. This guy who was assaulted and died was probably a club goer... Was he a gang banger? Your all Idiots.
How about a little focus on the actual criminals and the policing of this city. Have you seen the crime rate lately? Doubled form last year. There is crime everywhere... You know how many people get assaulted in the Boston Common?, should we fence that in? Your all fear mongers. It's a complete insanity that someone was shot especially a vet. Show some respect and personal accountability.


By on

you're the only idiot here.

If you want to me taken seriously, drop the ad hominems and learn to write correctly. You're not exactly making a good argument for clubs / club goers when your grammar mistakes are those of a 3rd grade reading level.


By on

No gunfire at the Middle East recently. Are you sure you're thinking of the club and not the region?

The crime rate also has not doubled from last year.

The clubs in Cambridge,

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The clubs in Cambridge, Summerville and Allston serve the college/recent grad crowd. Typically not as violent a demographic and any violence there is usually doesn't involve guns and knives.

Middle East has had a lot of

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Middle East has had a lot of problems on hip hop nights. They have an armed police officer in there many nights. Phoenix Landing also has an armed police officer at there "urban music" night. It's all about the element of people involved. You won't see armed police at Grateful Dead cover band nights...

Because those places are for

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Because those places are for hippies. Violence happens in all cities' club districts. People just need to control themselves when they get intoxicated, and stop acting impulsively.

Oh, Lisa (not verified)

In my mind I tried to think of something clever to say about your infantile little rant, but the only thing I can think of is that you're a complete and utter fucking moron.

Oh Eric and you've proven to

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Oh Eric and you've proven to be so mature right? making unsubstantial accusations that hold no meaning, nor importance in the actual issue-

I agree. I tell all of my out

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I agree. I tell all of my out of town guests to avoid the hotels over there because of those clubs. They're shady and full of sketchy older persons who want to take advantage of stupid young suburban college girls.

I worked in that area for awhile, too, and I refused to work past 5 pm or dark unless someone drove me home.

Just close those clubs already.

Back around 2000...

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...I worked 2nd into 3rd shift at Teradyne. No T running, so I had to walk all the way up by Boylston to be certain to get a taxi in realtime. Creepy around there at 2 Am, yep.


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As someone who personally knew Stephen..he was a wonderful person who bravely protected this country Eric. Under no circumstance, does anybody ever deserve to die nor do they deserve the disrespect of your insensitive speculation.

Helpless college girls?!?!?

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What does being naive, and irresponsible when in college while being around older men have to do with the death of this person? Nobody knows if this incident was even the result of some personal dispute that could potentially be unrelated to its location, and/ or the time in which it happened. The real concern are the people responsible for situations like these, not the places nor the irrelevant events that happen around there.

Part the clubs fault

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The Kells called it quits after they started having issues with their new promotions and weren't having success otherwise. Attracting the wrong crowd and not having the right security was a big issue and they hung it up.

Same happened with Slainte in Southie, after their Latin nights started getting dangerous. I believe it got so bad that one of the promoters ended up being the one assaulting (with a knife) someone there.

What if the perfect soldier

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What if the perfect soldier had simply pissed someone off? What if neither of these things are connected ?

So pissing off someone

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So pissing off someone therefore justifies the fact that he was killed? Who cares how the fight started or what happened, Stephen shouldn't have died. I find it pretentious of you to refer to him as "perfect" solider. No one asked you to be a judge of his character. The point being is that violence is never a solution in resolving any problem. Rather than speculate on the details of his death, maybe This conversation should be directed towards what others are talking about. The crime rate has doubled and Boston is becoming an increasingly dangerous city to live in. Two murders In eight hours? Not to mention Boston is one of the top cities in the country for sex trafficking. This should be an opportunity for people of the community to increase pressure that our city becomes a safer place, not a chance to offer your two cents on a solider who can't even defend himself.

Lindsay (not verified)

Obviously you're friends with Lisa (not verified). I can't wait for the other member of the three hot girls from those Geico commercials checks in with her opinion on the worthiness of the scummy nightclub scene in the Theater District versus a man's life.