Trolley delayed on account of bus

Stuart Spina photographed the scene on South Huntington Avenue this afternoon, when an MBTA bus up and died right on the trolley tracks, blocking a Green Line trolley behind it, at least until it could be towed out of the way.



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How about get out and push?

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What I am wondering is, the T support truck behind it has enough power to push the bus in neutral. The bus can be steered and braked unless the driver is a looney. So, why is he waiting for a tow? Get out a push!

The bus would need to have

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The bus would need to have been pushed uphill. That was likely in excess of the horsepower available to the support SUV.

To clarify: the official

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To clarify: the official shown is a Green Line official. He was prepared to push the bus out of the way but the Green Line Dispatcher said no dice, a bus official has to do it. So the bus OCC sent a guy over and the bus official nudged the bus out of the way with no fuss. Both guys had the same type of vehicle so it seems to have just been a case of jurisdiction.