Tweety cat won't sell out

Jason Scott's cat, Sockington, has the sort of Twitter following marketers would kill for. Well, not literally. That we know of. In any case, Scott reports some company offered to pay him for tweets on the feed. He explains why he turned the offer down.



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    my head is spinning

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    Wow, that guy sure thinks about his cat a lot. I think before you can be accused of "selling out" you need to be doing something of consequence where the money would corrupt the purity of your endeavor. Being paid to tweet about cats does not strike me as a harbinger of doom for artistic integrity.


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    It's art, no matter what you think of it personally. I admire his stance.

    Jason Scott is so full of himself

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    He single-handedly invented the title "internet archivist", which basically means "saved some text files to his hard drive."

    I met him years ago and the douchebag would NOT shut up about himself to the point that nobody else at the table could get a word in edgewise.

    Jason Scott

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    Jason is one of many people who are actively preserving the history of the computing/internet/pre-internet communication. I suppose that is just a guy making copies with a hard drive too. Had the pleasure of meeting Jason a few years ago. Your description is not accurate of the type of person he is.

    What say you quit being an anonymous coward?

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    And have the guts to stand behind your slurs?

    I've met Jason personally on several occasions and have never found your description of him to be accurate. Also, Jason does LOT more than "save some text files to his hard drive." He also organizes a lot of the material from the early Game Developers' Conferences, which otherwise might be lost.