Two-alarm pier fire at Dorchester Yacht Club

Firefighters at the yacht club. Photo by BFD.

A pier fire at the Dorchester Yacht Club off the Southeast Expressway erupted late this afternoon and went to two alarms because of the difficulty of fighting it, the Boston Fire Department reports.

Divers went into the water to try to fight the fire on the bottom side of the yacht club's pier from below. Firefighters briefly lost water from one hose when somebody drove over it. The department's marine unit had to wait in Dorchester Bay for about 15 minutes until a bridge tender arrived to get the Morrissey Boulevard drawbridge up to let it through.



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Get your facts straight, I've been a member for 20 years and the only other fire occurred on a boat about 5 years ago on which someone fell asleep with a lighted cigarette. Unfortunately he died in the blaze.

Two hoses

According to the district chief that ordered the 2nd alarm, two hoses were driven over by "somebody" (in a big red truck), and they were the supply lines from the hydrant to the pumps, so they more or less lost their supply of water for the time being.

Its also worth noting that MASSPORT assisted with their "Little Boat" that can fit under the Morrissey bridge and was able to get under the pier and help with the hard to reach fire while the brand new, (and much faster than the old) Boston fire boat was stuck at the bridge. Im not sure if the dive team ever went in the water, they were activated and were suited up to go in at the scene but they may not have had to go swimming due to the MASSPORT boat being able to work underneath.

loss of water

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never lost water supply hydrant closest to pier was never compromised.