Two arrested at Newton tower where worker fell to his death last fall

Newton police and firefighters teamed up tonight to arrest two men who may have been trying to climb a 1,000-foot radio tower on Chestnut Street in Newton.

Ted Pendergast reports rescue crews arrived shortly before 9:30 p.m. Firefighters got the two men to the ground around 9:40 p.m.

Boston Radio Watch reports it's the same tower from which a worker fell some 1,000 feet last October. It houses the main transmitters for SportsHub 98.5 and Jamn 94.5, as well as backup transmitters for a number of other local stations.





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I grew up very near there. During early HS, a friend and I did, in fact, climb that tower.

'course, that was during the early-mid 70s, when kids did stuff like that and Homeland Security wasn't called.


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It's known as "Contrast and Compare," not a suggestion HS existed decades ago.

Duh back to ya.

(I was almost going to give you a "Chun" [from "Remo Williams"], and suggest that you were an Ox, and smelled like hamburgers. :) )


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The correct spelling.

(I've been waiting twenty-five years to find a use for whatever knowledge I gained via reading about fifty of the "Destroyer" books upon which the movie was based. Thank you!)


"Now Come Down..."

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"Now come down."

*Lights go out*

/sound of meat falling from great height, impacting the floor.

*Lights go on*

Chun: "I meant, 'take the stairs...'"