Two more charged for BU robberies

Brookline Police report arresting two more teens for the four armed holdups near the BU campus over the past couple of weeks.

Taquari Milton, 17, of Roxbury, and a second teen too young to be publicly named, were charged with two counts of armed robbery, for incidents on Sept. 25 and Oct. 5. They are scheduled for arraignment Monday in Brookline District Court, police say, adding the younger teen turned himself in.

Innocent, etc.



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and guess what a google search turns up?

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Taquari goes to this charter school:

Guess where's it located? Longwood, right on the edge of the riverway.

Reminds me of what someone who used to work at BPD told me - gangbangers like an easy commute just as much as you and I. Get outta school, stick up a few of those rich Y-Ts to satisfy your entitlement complex, and you're good for the day.

I still say one of them goes to Boston Latin given the purple drawstring bag.

Latin Academy?

They might have robbed a Latin Academy student, but they probably wouldn't have gotten a purple bag from them - Latin Academy's colors are gold & black.