Two Roslindale teens about to find out what happens when you keep pulling fire alarms

The Boston Fire Department reports two 14-year-olds were nabbed today on charges they kept pulling the alarm at the same fire box at Rowe Street and Brown Avenue.

Members of the BFD Fire Investigation Unit had this location under surveillance from time to time. This afternoon at 2:00 pm they observed 2 teenagers pulling the box. They were apprehended. They were 14 years old. The two teens will be summoned before a Clerk Magistrate for further action. They were not placed under arrest.



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    This reminds me of a personal

    This reminds me of a personal anecdote.

    When I was about 8 years old, I repeatedly dialed 9-1-1 one sunny afternoon at the behest of a 12 year old neighbor who I wanted to impress. Eventually, they shut the phone off and the jig was officially up when a cop came knocking. My parents were not pleased, of course, and I had to apologize to the chief in person at the station.

    Damn kids!

    14 is not 8

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    While your personal anecdote was interesting, I can't relate it to the story at all. You were 8, which is a lot less "mature" than a person is at the age of 14. At 8, you should have had an understanding that what you were doing was wrong. At 14 you most definitely know it is wrong.

    Pulling fireboxes puts everyone in danger since it takes equipment away from eligibility to go to another call. Those 14 year olds should spend some time in detention, not having their hand slapped. Maybe then they will learn it is not a behavior to be tolerated. At 14 fireboxes... at 14.5 guns?

    I'd settle for

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    making the names of the perps known to the public. But as long as we have a disparate system of justice that gives certain individuals special rights and prividges (identity protection, sealed records, etc.) based soley on their age, that'll never happen.