Upper Crust files for bankruptcy in face of increasingly cheesed off creditors

The Globe reports.



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Karma's a bitch.. Serves'em right for the way they treated their employees, then living lavish lifestyles while their employees got cheated on payroll.

Good riddings, its not even good pizza.


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when are the complaints that Massachusetts is anti-business going to start?

Someone forgot to tell Mr. Jordan Tobins that building a businesses isn't the same as using it as a bank account.

If you wanted to leech out capital and debt into your bank account, you need to at least provide one degree of separation and run a capital firm like Bain. T

hen you can run up all the debt you want, get a huge payday, and keep your butt out of PITA prison.


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I'm afraid little will happen to Tobin and Co. bankruptcy will wipe the slate clean and he'll move on to his next hustle.

Where were city, state and federal authorities all these years? They knew he was using illegal workers and screwing them over to boot. Of course they knew. Then again, all the expensive and fashionable restaurants around town obviously use illegal workers and no doubt pay them poorly.

Oh, what a happy day!

The end is in sight for this overpriced shithole. Easily the worst pizza I've ever eaten. Ellios for hipsters. I sure won't miss those stupid ads in Boston Magazine and the Improper Bostonian and Stuff. Aww..no more flour love between those three idiots?

Hopefully the foodie whores over art Andelman World Headquarters got screwed out of a few advertising dollars. Of course they'll make it up with their next scam or food festival, whatever you want to call it.

Boston Globe vs. Upper Crust

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Can someone explain why it seemed the Boston Globe has a vendetta against this place? In the past few years the Globe has run dozens of stories -- many of them front page headlines -- about the Upper Crust. They event sent a reporter to Brazil to interview the town in which many of the employees originated from

The Upper Crust clearly has scummy management but so do hundreds of other small businesses. The Globe seemed to take a real interest in seeing the Upper Crust fail. From reading the paper you'd get the impression they are the only Pizza place in Boston and they are the only company which exploits immigrants.

The Upper Crust isn't a

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The Upper Crust isn't a "small business". It's a Boston-wide chain with 20-30 locations, hugely advertised locally. It's a pretty large business, as far as the Globe's readership is concerned.

The Lower Crust

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Not only that, but the thing that made their preying on undocumented immigrants more of a story (because, yes, damn near every restaurant in town has undocumented workers and many of them feel free to underpay them or not pay them at all, disregard OSHA regulations, etc..) was the fact that they were actually reaching out to communities in Brazil to entice them up here. Most local places just rely on the folks who end up here -- it's usually only large companies like meat processing plants in the mid-west and plains and others who can do recruiting overseas ("get here somehow and you'll have a job"). This was a case of a local pizza chain doing that.

The US Dept of Labor went after Upper Crust before the Globe did

It awarded two judgments against UC for underpaying workers, one for $440K and another for $80K. You draw that much attention through criminal behavior, you're bound to see some reporting in the local papers about it. The Globe is doing what good newspapers do: keep following a story to its logical conclusion.

There are still many loose ends to this one: a Mass AG probe into ongoing UC abuse of its workers, including trying to dock their wages to cover its DoL fines for underpaying the same workers, a resulting employee class-action lawsuit against the owners, and the lawsuit addressing the death threat / wage withholding allegations against Tobins by an employee whistleblower.

And there's the current internal fight between the other two owners and Tobins. Plenty of shoes left to drop here. I fully expect the Globe would cover them all.

I don't know if the Globe has

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I don't know if the Globe has a vendetta, but the last paragraph says the Upper Crust owes them money.

"Meanwhile, the company also owes about $62,000 in state meals taxes, $35,000 in unpaid wages and benefits to workers, and $16,780 to The Boston Globe, among other creditors."