Voters return Sal LaMattina to the City Council

Unfortunately for him, he didn't want to go back. But he lost the Register of Probate Democratic primary race to Patty Campatelli, 51-49. The results also signal, again, that Tom Menino's coattails don't extend very far.

Maura Hennigan staved off Robert Dello Russo rather handily in the angry Criminal Clerk race.

The 2nd Governor's Council Democratic primary can be summed up in one word: Jubinville! On his third try, Robert Jubinville finally beat a Timilty - this time Bart.

By an 83-17 margin, voters in the 2nd Suffolk State Senate race gave Roy Owens another chance to run for office. Just not the 2nd Suffolk State Senate race in November.

The Crimson explains why the primaries were on a Thursday this year.



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Wow, I'm surprised by

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Wow, I'm surprised by Hennigan's margin of victory. The Mayor put significant juice into this race. Maybe Lamattina will step down from the council seeing that his heart isn't in it.

Folks from eastie and ctown

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Folks from eastie and ctown were lining up to run for the seat. I suspect that several will take it on.

LaMattina has no

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LaMattina has no choice............he will step down or he will not be elected. Either way...........he was looking for a 25,000 he will be looking for a job

Conventional wisdom is that

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Conventional wisdom is that Sal will get the Massport gov relations job, despite two stong candidates one from Southie and one from Charlestown. TMM will deliver now that Glynn has been chosen.