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Vinyl fans still smarting from the impending closing of Diskovery in Brighton, or people who just want something to do with that old turntable, need to figure out directions to Cheap Thrills Music in Dedham, located in a nondescript storefront on a tiny side street in Dedham, just across the Charles River from West Roxbury.

When you go, set aside some time, not just to browse the amazing number of LPs crammed into the small space, but to talk to owner Bob Walsh, who can converse on everything from the inherent superiority of LPs and tube-based amplifiers (he will allow as how he asked one customer if he could really tell the difference between the two needles he bought - one $8,000, the other $10,000 - the guy said he could) to the old days in Boston radio (he helped start both WZLX and the old Tower Records at Newbury and Mass. Ave.)

Bonus: Get some food at the sub shop next door, then find a bench along the Charles right across the street.



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    I worked with Bob at Tower on Newbury. The man knows his stuff. He was the rock buyer on the second floor. Anyone who knows what's what knew that selection couldn't be beat!

    I read an article on the shop by a local Dedham paper a few months ago. Didn't know it existed until then! Been meaning to hit it up ever since.

    Diskovery is not yet closed

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    Just fyi, Diskovery in Oak Square, Brighton will be open another month and there is plenty of good stuff (vinyl, etc.) to be had.

    Good luck to Yolanda in her long-deserved retired life.


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    Post updated.


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    Thanks for the information. I will certainly get there as soon as I can. The more vinyl stores the Boston area has the better! And don't forget Looney Tunes new location on Harvard Ave. in Allston.

    Phil Spector's Wall was no joke

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    But I would have loved to have heard the Dead's.

    Crazy reversed sound waves so the mics right in front of the speakers didn't feed back.

    Interesting, Walsh doesn't have a Web site, either

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    He's done so well selling on eBay and Amazon that the work involved in keeping a site updated just wasn't worth it, he told the kidlet and me yesterday (also said he's still amazed when people will pay $60 online for something he sells in the store for $6).

    Central Square has Cheapo

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    Central Square has Cheapo Records and Weirdo Records, Harvard has In Your Ear and Planet Records...

    Looney Tunes has moved. The

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    Looney Tunes has moved. The new address is 16 Harvard Ave. in Allston. The phone number is still the same-617-247-2238.