Waltham denies motorists have to be alert for zombies

Of course, that's just what City Hall would say if it were taken over by zombies.

Imagine if that sign were on Morrissey Boulevard: WICKED HIGH ZOMBIES.




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    Oh, those "wacky funsters."

    This needs to happen more often. If the DPW/MassDOT/whoever would lock the sign and/or put a password on the computer, this wouldn't happen. But, I guess that's asking too much.

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    I agree, but note that

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    it's usually the project contractor who provides these signs, not MassDOT or the city/town.

    And the problem is not lack of a password on the sign's computer, it's the fact that the contractor didn't bother to change the default password.

    No, I don't condone sign hacking like this. But at least the message was funny and not offensive to anyone, unlike the "GOD HATES GAYS" hack that appeared on a message board in Utah recently.

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    Not creative "wacky funsters."

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    This happened in the Midwest years ago, and pictures of it have been circulating the internet since. As a result, everyone who figures out how to hack a road sign makes a zombie joke, instead of thinking of something unique, creative, and funny.

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