Well, she had a point

Jay Fitzgerald says cut Gisele some slack:

[S]he was fundamentally right about bemoaning the dropped passes. Don't forget that.



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Yeah, But It Still Sucks

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The best comeback would have been for her to flash the New York fan and say, "Tom has this to look forward to tonight. How does your right hand compare?"

Anyway, best line I've heard thus far was this morning when Jon Keller quoted one of his Facebook followers calling her "the Yoko Ono of the Patriots".


Except she wasn't. Could

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Except she wasn't. Could Welker have caught the ball (also Branch falls here too), yes. But they would've been exceptional catches. They were bad throws and that had more than a little something to do with whether or not they were caught.

But I guess Brady wasn't expecting to get called for a safety because he was going to run out and catch it himself and he underthrew the ball to Gronk because he had already started running to catch it himself.

The only way she could be right in those kinds of comments (and her tone) was if Brady threw flawless passes and played a fundamentally perfect game.

I doubt if Welker had made a spectacular catch she'd be giving him the credit for it.


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Gotcha journalism, some paparazi with a camera phone and this was her just telling someone being an asshole to fuck off.

Understandable whilst getting berated on your way back to your hotel room.

As for the non catch, Welker very well might have been off his route. The pass was catchable, and a good throw, but there's no question Welker was not turned.

Miscommunication on boths part, but saying it was a bad throw is nonsense.

Wrong. You can argue it was

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Wrong. You can argue it was catchable or he should have had it but saying it was a "good throw" is simply crazy.

And there's a good breakdown of the play by Bedard on Boston.com today.