West Roxbury drivers park hardcore

Parked Jeep

On a trip to the West Roxbury Shaw's this afternoon, Alex Jones noticed a rather precariously parked Jeep. Jones reports he happened to be there when the driver came out; guy explained, "it was just something I always wanted to do."

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One of my HS classmates

tried to be a badass by doing this exact same thing on a giant snow pile.

He didn't feel so badass at dismissal when he couldn't get back down and had to call a tow truck.

Lighten up

Come on, this is all in good fun. How many times have we all looked at something like this and thought about doing the same thing, only we didn't have the balls. Good on this guy for just effing doing it and not continuing to wonder about it. Stupid little thing, sure. But a metaphor for life. You're on the internet, this guy is getting sh*t done.

Darkened down

Yeah, this is good fun! But just because it seemed like a good idea doesn't mean that it's to be done. What if his "LOOK AT ME!" Jeep rolled back onto the pavement and over a kid? You never know. Play it safe and live to conjure up more retarded dreams that prolly don't need reification another day.

Us dudes are so fucken quick to let our CroMagnon gene (i.e. testosterone) override common sense and decency.


The same could be said for anyone who parks on a steep street in Mission Hill or Charlestown. An e-brake isn't enough. Better park somewhere flatter, otherwise you could kill a kid!

Just... silly.


No it's not, "silly."

It's called "park your Jeep in a designated parking spot that society has agreed upon to be used as such because it's safer for other people parked near or physically near your vehicle." Parking your jeep on a random embankment because it was a good idea is fucking careless and inconsiderate. Parking your Jeep on Parker Hill is fine; the parking spots on Parker Hill are there for parking, no duh. But using your logic, this dude could park his Jeep on top of a porch Mission Hill justifiably.


Candidate for Darwin Awards?

Can we measure a person's character by what they always wished they could do, or by what they did do, or by the sense they applied in asking whether the odd thing they always wanted to do - might be better left undone.

The only thing missing from the photo is his jersey having just the number 0.


says if it was a biker you chained his bike at the top of that hill, 90% of the UHub comments would be in support.

The difference

About 2800 lbs for starters ... and the fact that pressing one's right foot down is trivial by comparison to using one's whole body to reach the top.

Not so risky

If the vehicle is in Park and the emergency brake is on, the odds are about one in a million that it would slip and hurt someone.

However, the driver should be careful not to go too far with this sort of thing. Eventually you wind up in this territory.

Redneck's Last Words:
Hey, y'all! Watch THIS!

Oh I see how it works here...!

Things that are considered insouciant and froufrou get the one eyed wink treatment. And so when this Crack-er from the 'Shire parks his steam engine in such a careless manner, I should have guffawed "Oh go easy on him boys! This chap is mad! Mad, mad, mad! Let's have a little laugh at our Don Quixote here!"

But as soon as the results of that innocent carelessness have negative results, then Sam Jackson and his furious anger kicks in the door, wavin' the four-four?

Well, I'ma love posting here!