West Roxbury to hold election-eve rally tonight

Wendell Willkie campaigns in Quincy in 1940.Wendell Willkie campaigns in Quincy in 1940.

West Roxbury celebrates tomorrow today with its traditional Truman Rally in the municipal parking lot at Centre and Hastings streets (right across from the mural of James Michael Curley and Dapper O'Neil).

State Rep. Ed Coppinger and City Councilor Matt O'Malley worked with the Harry S Truman Society to revive the longstanding West Roxbury tradition, in which candidates from both parties get one last chance to speak their piece before voters speak theirs. Elizabeth Warren is confirmed; Scott Brown isn't.

The rally starts at 7 p.m.

Photo from the BPL's Leslie Jones collection. Posted under this Creative Commons license.



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Motorists are Suffering!

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You can't let PEOPLE go where I think I might want to drive my car!

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Better not block the bike lane!!

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Oh, if only ...

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I can think of few better places to hold something like this. It's not like parking is ever hard to find along Centre Street (and by "hard," I mean "within a block or two," as opposed to the West Roxbury definition, which is "can't double-park in front of the Real Deal, dammit, because two people are already doing it").

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Liquor options

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The West Roxbury Pub is right there (the Curley/O'Neil mural is on one of its walls) and its dining room is decorated entirely as homages to Curley (and, really, West Roxbury has any number of locations with liquor licenses these days).

I thought of going, but, no, I'm going to be sunk into a couch, zoning out.

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