West Roxbury warned to be on lookout for two guys in a black BMW cruising around, ringing doorbells

District E-5 reports incidents on Hackensack Road and on Stratford Street involving a couple of guys in a BMW. In one case, a resident called 911 after noticing one of the two ringing doorbells:

Responding officers immediately located the suspect and asked him what he was doing in the neighborhood. The suspect stated that he was just seeing if people wanted their cars washed. As officers were speaking with the suspect, his father pulled up in a black BMW. He stated he was also driving around the neighborhood and that they were looking for work. He further stated that they were in the area to paint houses.

Police did not say if the two were legit, but said residents should always call 911 in such cases.



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      Really - 911?

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      Really - "residents should always call 911"? This is hardly an emergency. The guy was ringing doorbells, not breaking and entering. If everyone called 911 every time an unknown person rang their doorbell, that would pretty much clear the decks for any *actual criminals* to proceed unhindered.

      Criminals scouting for

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      Criminals scouting for unoccupied houses to break in to frequently pull this stunt, and feed you a cover story if you happen to be home and answer the door.

      911 is the main line for

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      911 is the main line for police business in Boston unless you have your district specific reporting number.