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Whose Pond?

The Coalition for an Affordable & Diverse Jamaica Pond will be holding a rally this weekend demanding that Jessie sign an agreement to provide specific funds for anti-displacement work, local business assistance, and youth programs. Jessie will also be asked to pledge that he, she or it will in the future only attack nonminority members of the community.

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Lanny, if your rally is

Lanny, if your rally is prepared to try to find Jessie and get she or he to read and sign something, by all means, give it a shot. However, you should be aware that previous attempts to get Jessie sign an Earth Day proclamation in the 1980's ended with several cases of hypothermia and an embarrassing photo in a Sierra Club newsletter. Also, from what our records indicate, the only language Jessie has any possible comprehension of in written form is Wompanoag. Best, Jonah -- President JPMONS

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Thank you !

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This post and the linked blog make me happy to be alive.....sorry, I'll try to be more snarky next time

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