What would we do without lawyers, Annie Dookhan edition

A roving UHub Web browser points us to an ambulance Annie chaser with a Web site featuring a grinning OJ Simpson lookalike holding a stack of Benajmins:

Are you a victim of the MA Drug Lab Scandal?
Our Lawyers can help you get the compensation that you deserve!

OJ, is that you?

The site appears to be put together by a Hingham law firm, which is mentioned only once, in tiny type towards the bottom. It also features creative use of a JavaScript slideshow to simulate the old Netscape blink tag.



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    Re: You're kidding, right?

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    Of all the people you could have said this gentleman resembled, OJ is not one of them. I sense there is a subtext implied which is actually offensive. Is your point that "guilty" people are getting off or that black people all look the same to you?

    He looks like young OJ

    You know, the one who ran through airports and ...

    Oh. You are probably too young to have seen those ads.

    Here's some help:


    Except OJ looks like Scott Brown here ...


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    If you pulled your head out of your ass long enough to actually follow this website, you know that Adam and his site is the only outlet that reports regularly on what goes on in the neighborhoods that the other media outlets have forgotten about.

    In other words, you're full of shit.

    Poor vision/judgement

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    Adam G,as a black man I am offended by your lack of "proper"facial recognition. These two men,O.J and the guy holding the money,don't favor each other enough to warrant a comparison.I am being too pc. If they look alike then Shaq and Kobe are twins. Jeremy Lin looks exactly like Chow Yun Fat. Keep up the good work and please leave the comments about other race's look alikes alone. Thanks

    So, Fred ...

    Does it bother you that the law firm has chosen an image of a smiling black man with a fist full of money for advertising to people convicted of drug charges? While people of color are disproportionately convicted of drug crimes, whites are still in the majority and would be a more sensible target audience.

    (and, wouldn't a Hingham law firm be far more likely to serve folks who look like sob story guy than this dude?)

    Yyyeah, that was my first thought

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    Young Black dude grinnin with a fist full of money...right. Because we want to associate drug crimes with young Black men? Or because young Black men are just interested in fistfulls of cash rather than improved criminal records and a sense of having gotten justice and cleared their names? SMDH


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    Swirlygirl-one stupid,offensive battle at a time. I saw this so commented on it. I am more concerned with the hub's,commonwealth's and nations cavalier attitude about the blight,murder rates,poverty,literacy etc in the black communities across this nation. But hey"let the animals kill themselves"right.


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    I'm a white woman, and I don't really see the resemblance either, but I do see what Adam was getting at. This law firm is a bunch of scum-sucking bottom feeders, regardless of their motivations in choosing this image.

    Wayne Brady

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    I think he actually resembles Wayne Brady a lot more (Barney Stinson's half-brother in How I Met Your Mother, current host of Let's Make a Deal).

    Pretty good

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    Not spot on but they could be cousins. In reference to this guy looking like Barney Stinson's bro aka Wayne Brady. The complexion is spot on and they have very similiar facial features.


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    Exactly what I was thinking.. he looks like Wayne Brady more than OJ.