What's next: Likud stickers in South Boston?

Sinn Fein sticker in Coolidge Corner

Turlach MacDonagh says he was a bit startled to see this sticker the other day in Coolidge Corner, which he notes is "one of the least Irish parts of the Boston area."

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Brits Out is as far as many Americans see with SF

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Sinn Fein, the political wing of the IRA, taking away the whole blowing things up nature of the organzation, at least in the 60's to 90's, is/was a Socialist leaning political party. The IRA, as it went quasi-dormant after the Irish Civil War of 1921-22 and was then organized on Communist cell lines. SF has been one of the forefront parties in the Irish government calling for the heads of bankers since the IMF bailout of the Republic in 2009. Not many Irish-Americans donating to NorAid in the 70's and 80's knew the political structure of the group and was only thinking of getting the British out of Ulster, not knowing that SF/IRA wanted to make Ireland into a cold, rainy Cuba.

Of course, since Brookline is mostly Jewish, it is interesting to know that the one of the code words that the Haganah used fighing the British in then Palestine in the 30's and 40's was Michail, for Michael Collins, the man who whipped the old IRA into shape in the Anglo-Irish war post Easter Uprising. Sinn Fein means Ourselves Alone in Irish. Many Irish wish they would just stay to themselves alone.

well said

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plus, this is Boston. You could find someone to protest vanilla ice cream.

My father was Irish,from the south

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He held the IRA and Sinn Fein in contempt. I can not once remember my dad or any of my Irish born relatives celebrating the IRA or supporting them. I don't know of any Irish American in my family who supported them or the violence. I think a huge urban myth has developed around this issue.

Whenever I hear an English person complain about Irish or even Irish American support of the IRA I cringe. The IRA mostly supported themselves with criminal activity, and they were heavily infiltrated by British government agents by the the 1970s.

That fist is on countless

That fist is on countless People's Workers Party/Rosa Luxemberg brigade/International Communist Alliance posters. Whoever designed the poster regrets missing out on the good old days.