When Hostess used to make Natick smell good

News that Hostess faces liquidation reminds some of us of the old Hostess/Wonder Bread plant on the Natick/Framingham line, which used to make the area smell like fresh bread, and which served as the destination of the post-apocalyptic survivors in a Family Guy episode. In addition to bread and Twinkies, the plant also made Snoballs and Hostess cupcakes.

It was, of course, torn down to make way for the Natick Collection of Precious Things and Condos for People Who Want to Live in a Mall.



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      Is my memory failing or was there a Wonder Bread outlet

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      in Dorchester about 30 years ago? I think it was on Morrissey Blvd across from the Lambert's Plaza. I could be thinking of something totally different.

      In other news, if you really need that cupcake fix, Crumbs has a reasonably good version called the Squiggle. Sadly, it does not come in a plastic bag nor is it made of plastic.


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      Who wants to live in a mall??

      A mall in Natick no less

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      I'll admit that when I first heard about it I thought it might be fun. Then I thought about what it would be like to live there between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sure, I'd have a deeded spot but I'd have to fight hundreds of shoppers to get to the spot. Then I had a second revelation. I work in the financial district. The commute from the Natick Mall (RIP Natick Collection) to my job would be horrible.

      I decided to stick with my crummy condo on the Red Line.


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      Ding dongs!

      Correction to my Wonder Bread post

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      I was talking to my Dad and he corrected me re: Wonder Bread outlet in Dorchester. It was Sunbeam. I know everyone was on needles and pins about that so I wanted to make sure I got the right information out there for you.

      Going on a field trip

      To Wonder Bread was a rite of passage when I was in 6th grade. But it did spoil me to regular Twinkies as fresh out the oven the are fantastic! After sitting store shelves for a month, not so much.

      In honor of the end of an era, I bring you Golden Oldie and the old Wonder Bread mascot Who looks a little like Poppen Fresh, but only a little.