When Kenmore station flooded: A lesson for New York

When Kenmore station was filled with water. By Fourduce1

The Christian Science Monitor interviews Michael Mulhern, who was director of subway operations at the MBTA in 1996 when the unexpectedly mighty Muddy River overflowed its banks, overwhelmed its tunnels and burst into Kenmore station, shutting it completely down for two months:

"When it was finally up and running it was initially far less service than commuters were used to," says Mulhern. "It took us a year to get back to full capacity. I think it will be a long time before New York's services are back to normal."

Photos of flooded New York subway tunnels.



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Liar Liar Pants on Fire

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Nice story only it was Bob Prince who was the General Manager of the MBTA not Mikey Mulhern who saved the day. Mikey never like to give credit to the hard working brother who was a great GM.

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My fault

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The Monitor correctly IDs him as director of subway operations during the flood. I was the one who said he was GM (which he eventually was, just not at that time). Fixed.

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Check out Fourduce1's YouTube

Check out Fourduce1's YouTube page. Incredible and vivid footage of first responders all over greater Boston's worst neighborhoods dating back to the 1980's. Search for "Roxbury", "Dorchester", etc...

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