When Massachusetts banned Christmas

Mass Moments reminds us of our Puritan past.

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Puritans founded Boston

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Puritans founded Boston Latin. BTW tell us, in your opinion what, makes something a "well known" fact.

Yes, and the Puritans also founded Harvard

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And they ultimately gave us Unitarians and Congregationalists.

They also executed and banished people they didn't like. So "assholes" might be an appropriate term, despite the good they managed to leave behind.


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And let us not forget that major asshole Oliver Cromwell. Whatever came after, they were giant seriously unfun assholes.

This is the same place that

This is the same place that constantly sees demands that anonymous posters be banned, right?

I'd hardly blame the Unitarians on their ancestors of 200 years earlier. Just doesn't seem fair.

Not quite ...

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... the "attacks" on Christmas the religious fringe likes to criticism these days ...