When offered the choice between being a banana and a Mario Brother, he'll take Luigi every time


It's that time of year, when the Metro teams up with Boston Costume and dresses up its hawkers. Nikki caught up with Luigi this morning at Hynes on the Green Line, reports he played a giant banana last year and that he much prefers being a video-game character:

Said people were really mean to him as a banana but Luigi gets smiles.



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That's surprising

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Considering that he's standing around with a big "L" on his forehead...

I'd rather be a banana. There's always money in standing as a banana.

It's a job

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Banana or hat with an 'L' on it, it's honest work. I respect the man.

The recognition of Luigi

The recognition of Luigi overrides the recognition of the L on the hat. The banana suit might not have an 'L', but dressing like giant fruit garners a negative perception while being a video game character doesn't (at least in Cambridge).

cue the vacuum

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...but when he was a banana did he have a big spoon with him?

I don't recognize the L hat

What does it symbolize? Not the LA Lakers; that hat looks totally different. The L subway line in New York CIty, perhaps?

Luigi for the Green Line...

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Luigi for the Green Line...a bit slower, wobbly, and underappreciated...

...and Waluigi for the Orange Line. The creepiest damn thing ever.